XipLink XA-500C TCP Accelerator with Web Caching

  • VSAT - TDMA / SCPC / Mesh / MSS
  • Terrestrial Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint
  • Streaming Data Compression
  • Easy to Install and Manage
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XipLink XA-500C TCP Accelerator with Web Caching

XipLink XA-500C, Accelerator Appliance with web caching for medium to large offices of up to 500 sessions and aggregate capacity (In/Out) up to 4 Mbps. Set-top Form Factor.

Maximum Wireless Capacity

Increased throughput and reduced cost
XA-Appliances deliver the most advanced satellite and wireless optimization in easy to install appliances, right-sized for the bandwidth and number of users at each location. For small and medium sized sites, set-top-box appliances are easily installed without the need for trained IT staff. For very high speed links or central aggregation sites, fully redundant appliances can optimize links up to 155 Mbps and support thousands of simultaneous sessions, typically increasing bandwidth from 2X to 10X for all TCP applications.

XipOS works between users of any two devices of any type. A central XA Appliance can support remote users of devices with XE-Embedded XipOS, the XS-104 single board computer or users with a XipStick portable optimizer. Based on the SCPS specification, XipOS optimization simultaneously works with secure and un-secure users over any wireless network

  • VSAT - TDMA / SCPC / Mesh / MSS
  • 3G / 4G Cellular - Interconnect and Backhaul
  • Terrestrial Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint
  • LTE / WiMax / WiFi - CPE to Base Station links

XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS)

SCPS-TP Protocol Acceleration
Fills the wireless link to capacity

  • SCPS-TP based TCP acceleration
  • Interoperable PEP (I-PEP) Compliant
  • XipLink Transport Controls (XTC)
    • Fixed Rate Control Mode
    • Dynamic Rate Control Mode
    • Basic Rate Control Mode
  • Integrated advanced traffic shaping up to 100 QoS classes
    • Hierarchical solution with committed and maximum rates

Streaming Data Compression
Exceeds the wireless link bandwidth

  • Delivers 2x to 10x in bandwidth gain
  • Reduces the number of packets

Internet Optimizations
Makes Web Surfing Fast

  • HTTP Acceleration
  • Dynamic Web Cache hardware option

Security - Optimize Encrypted data
Install with any type of Encryption

  • Integrated IPSec VPN encryption option

Voice Optimization
Reduce bandwidth 50%

  • ROHC Header Compression
  • Packet Coalescing

XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS)

XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS) delivers maximum bandwidth across wireless communication links using extensions of the Space Communication Protocol Specification (SCPS).

Protocol acceleration, streaming data compression and Internet web browsing enhancements are combined in very efficient, easy-to-install appliances, single board computers and portable devices with options for integrated IPSec VPN and Dynamic Web Caching and standalone XipLink Hub Optimizations.

Remote user sessions are transparently split, or proxied, with new sessions opened across the link using protocol acceleration and data compression techniques to overcome common wireless issues:

  • Varying latency (delay) because of long links and users roaming
  • High bit error rates because of constantly changing RF link conditions
  • Link asymmetry because of smaller, lower power remote radios

XipOS offers multiple techniques to optimize web browsing, providing both capacity savings and faster browsing. All products incorporate basic HTTP Acceleration capabilities. The dynamic caching option will save a typical 20-30% of the bandwidth. XiPix image compression can save a further 50% of the bandwidth.

There are no topology limitations or tunnels in a system based on SCPS, establishing a foundation that allows a network operator to deploy an XA-Appliance at the hub-side or logical center of any wireless network and immediately increase the bandwidth for those users that also utilize a SCPS based remote device, typically from 2X to 10X for all TCP applications. To maximize deployment flexibility, XipLink Lightweight Tunnels permit out-of-path deployment.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

  • Completely transparent to users
  • Layer 2 - Bridge installation (typical remote)
  • Layer 3 IP Router installation (typical hub site)
    • RIP / OSPF / BGP routing protocols
    • Redundant appliances use CARP
  • Optional WCCP or Policy Based Routing install
  • Centralized configuration option

Optimize any Wireless Network Topology

  • VSAT - Star Topologies
  • Mesh networks of any size
  • Dedicated SCPC links
  • Terrestrial Point to Point links
  • Terrestrial Point to Multi-Point links

SCPS-TP Protocol Acceleration

  • Fast-Start algorithms
  • Acknowledgment Frequency Reduction
  • Selective Negative Acknowledgement

Streaming (across packets) Data Compression

  • Proprietary streaming data compression
    • X1 and X2 modes for efficiency
    • Dynamic Active Resource Management

Internet Optimizations

  • HTTP Acceleration
  • DNS Caching
  • Dynamic Web Cache factory option
  • XiPix (XA-30K Product Only)

XipOS Transport Controls (XTC)

  • Fixed Rate Control
  • Dynamic Rate Control
  • Programmable Rate Control
  • Basic Rate Control

Flexible Deployment Options

  • XA-Appliances
  • XS-Specialty Products
    • XipStick Portable Optimizer
    • XS-104 Single Board Computer
  • XE-Embedded XipOS
    • BSD, Linux, Windows devices

XA-Appliances with XipLink Optimization Software

SCPS-TP Protocol Acceleration

  • Kernel based using XipLink Dynamic Socket Buffers
  • Transparent operation as SCPS-TP proxy gateway
  • Satlabs I-PEP compliance for interoperability
  • XipOS Transport Control modes for full bandwidth utilization on dedicated and dynamic links
  • Selective acceleration

Shaping & Quality of Service

  • Hierarchical Class Based Queuing
  • DSCP classification and re-marking
  • UDP / VOIP or other data prioritization
  • Committed and maximum rate options

Data Compression Algorithms

  • Multiple, simultaneous algorithms (X1 and X2)
  • Active Resource Manager for dynamic control

Internet Optimizations

  • Dynamic Web Cache hardware option (disk)
  • HTTP Acceleration
  • TTCP Fast Start
  • HTTP Compression and XiPix (XA-30K only)


  • RS- 232 serial console serial or out-of-band management
  • Flash drive resilience for reliability (image backup)


  • Web based graphical user interface uses HTTPS
  • Standard and Proprietary SNMP MIB’s for monitoring
  • NetConf based central configuration model
  • Real time reporting and graphing on each appliance
  • Remote upgrades
  • Configuration Profiles

Network and Redundancy Capabilities

  • Installs as Layer 2 Bridge or Layer 3 IP Router
  • Dynamic routing protocols - BGP, RIP, OSPF
  • Redundant appliances use CARP protocol - Hot Standby
  • Remote devices can use simple on-board Fail-to-Wire
  • IP Version 6 Routing
  • Advanced Anti denial of service capabilities
  • Lightweight Tunnels
  • NAT
  • DHCP Server and Client

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

  • XipOS optimization operates over any encrypted network
  • Installed in-line to optimize the data before encryption
  • IPSec VPN software option for any XA-Appliance
  • Enables on-board 128 / 256 bit AES encryption
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Input Power100 - 240 VAC
Warranty2 Years
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