Work Microwave Ku-Band Redundant Block Upconverter VSBU-RED-KU1

  • RF Output Frequency: 13.75 - 14.50 GHz
  • IF Input Frequency: 950 - 1700 MHz
  • Hot pluggable slide-in converters
  • Redundant power supplies
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Work Microwave Ku-Band Redundant Block Upconverter VSBU-RED-KU1

Work Microwave Ku-Band Redundant Block Upconverter VSBU-RED-KU1 combines a redundancy switching system and two block converters in one unit, increasing operators efficiencies and cost savings. By consolidating previously separate capabilities into a  single, compact, 19 in. housing, the WORK Microwave system dramatically reduces power consumption, providing operators with an innovative approach to redundant block converter systems. The hot plugging capability  of the slide-in converters allows changing the spare unit without any downtime. Ideal use cases include fixed satellite ground stations as well as in satellite newsgathering (SNG) vehicles, fly-aways and other mobile or portable applications.
The fifth-generation frequency converter series is built with the most advanced technologies available to ensure outstanding performance, high reliability and a longer lifetime.

5th-generation enhancements

Reduced phase noise: Based on a powerful new synthesizer the frequency converters achieve a phase noise significantly beyond the recommended industry specification (Intelsat's IESS-308/309).
Improved flexibility and usability: Through a new USB port, operators can now access the converter via the back panel to make copies of parameter settings, replicate selected configurations on another device, or save configuration settings for future reference. In addition, a user-friendly, Web-based interface offers an intuitive user experience. When coupled with the enhanced USB port, the customizable GUI also simplifies the installation of firmware updates.

Higher reliability: An AC power consumption of typically 45 VA / 30 W maximizes the reliability and lifetime of the system.

High signal integrity

The very low phase noise of the oscillators  guarantees an excellent signal quality. Low spurious emissions allow our customers to use the converters in the environments with demanding requirements, such as high power video uplinks. Sophisticated temperature compensation guarantees the stability over a wide temperature range.


The redundant block converters normally  are delivered without fans and can be operated in environments, where at minimum one RU space for natural ventilation is available above each unit. This eliminates the fan as a potential point of failure. For rack installations without any space in between the units, a fan within the converter unit is recommended. This forces airflow from the right side to left side of the units.
Each part of the systems can be operated separately via remote control by using TCP/IP over Ethernet. By using the serial interface (RS485) for remote control, all parts can be controlled via one interface. Detailed monitoring of the system status and a summary alarm output (dual change over switch contacts) are provided. For the remote control either ASCII string- based commands as well as addressable, packet- based commands are provided. Remote monitoring and control through SNMP and a Web browser interface is also available.

Redundancy Switch System

The redundancy switch system includes a coaxial signal splitter for the input signal and a coaxial signal switch for the output signal. The system can operate  in automatic mode, whereby an automatic switchover unit is performed upon detection of an alarm  generated by the active unit. In addition, a manual switchover of the standby unit can be initiated.

Redundant Power Supply

Each slide-in converter comes with a separate power supply, capable to supply the redundancy controller and the second converter to guarantee highest possible availability.

Work Microwave Ku-Band Redundant Block Upconverter VSBU-RED-KU1 Key features

  • Previously three devices in one 19” housing
  • Hot pluggable slide-in converters
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Low phase noise
  • Adjustable attenuator (range: 0 … 20 dB, 0.1 dB step size)
  • Output power +10 dBm (1 dB compression point)
  • Low spurious emissions
  • Internal OCXO with long term stability 10-7  / year
  • External reference input 5 or 10 MHz
  • Reference output 10 MHz
  • Local control through push buttons on front panel
  • Stored alarms with time stamps
  • Remote controls through RS485 interface. Packet command syntax supports RS485 bus systems and allows addressed operation. TCP/IP over Ethernet, Web browser interface, SNMP with MIBs downloadable form the device
  • Summary alarm output (DPDT)
  • Low power consumption, typically 30 W
  • CE compliant
  • 3 years warranty

Orders information
WORK Microwave offers two series of 19” rack satellite converters, Standard and High Performance. The specifications are the same for both types except the operating temperature range. The High Performance type operates between -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to  140 °F)  and  the  Standard  type  between 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F). Therefore if you only need units for inside use, the standard unit is perfectly suited for this application.

Block Diagram 1+1 Redundant Block Converter System

Functional Block Diagram 1+1 Redundant Block Converter System
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Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer No
Input Power 100 - 240 VAC
Warranty 2 Years
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