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Easier Sourcing


Your challenge : 10 of everything, and we're not just talking products....we're talking invoices, shipments, purchase orders. It's 10 of everything but 100x your time.

How we save time and expense
Faster Sourcing


Quick Response, In-Stock Inventory, advanced E-Commerce systems, centralized purchasing management and same day shipments. We do everything fast.

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Cost Effective

Buying from a single source saves your most valuable asset: Time. Satcom Resources exists because we are cost effective.

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Our Products

Buy with Confidence, Intelligence, and Simplicity.

From day one, our mission was simple. Provide a better way to buy Satellite Communications equipment. All Vendors, all equipment, all options all in one place.

Huge Selection

Thousands of items, millions of options, and over 100 suppliers. Everything you need in one place and if we don't have it on our external catalog, we can either get it, or we may have it in our internal catalog.

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Rapid Response

When you need information quick, you shouldn’t have to wait. Our catalog is available 24x7 and our sales people if you know them are likely too. Call them during hours, call them after hours. We’ll get you the information you need quickly.

How we time our response

Expert Advice

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how much we don’t know. We’ll either get you the information you need from our own tribal knowledge, or we have the industry’s best on speed dial to get you the answers you need quickly.

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Competitive Prices

Low Prices are a systemic result of our model. Planning, volume, and systems, and a core belief in being fair result in some of the lowest prices in the industry. We recognize low prices are important to our buyers, and we deliver. But price can be deceiving if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

How We Define Cheap

In Stock Inventory

Inventory, Inventory, Inventory!! …. “why is everything about inventory to you” says our CFO to our CEO. Because it makes us invaluable to the industry he says, and our customers and our suppliers both agree.

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Comprehensive Logistics

Remote places, delicate systems, time-sensitive deployments with complex scheduling requirements. Once you’ve decided what you need, we need to get it there. Satcom Resources has built the most comprehensive logistics system in the industry.

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All Sourcing Should Be Smart Sourcing

All Vendors, all equipment in one place. Learn about how our "One-stop shop" single source simplifies procurement.

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