Satellite Engineering Tools and Calculators
Useful calculators that we use all the time in the analysis of our links.

  • Satellite Dish Pointer with Google Maps

    Calculate the satellite look angle azimuth, elevation, and polarity offset based on your geographic location using google maps.

  • Antenna Efficiency Calculator

    Calculate the efficiency of an antenna based on its diameter, gain, and frequency.

  • Satellite Bandwidth Calculator

    Compare the performance of links side by side based on spectral performance determined by mod/cod selection and then add in space segment costs. Thinking about spending a bit more on your hardware or bandwidth? This tool will help to analyze where you should spend your money.

  • dBWatts to Watts, dBm to Watts, Watts to dB

    Convert between various measures of power using this online calculator. A favorite of one of our staffers here.

  • Eb/No to Es/No Converter

    Convert Energy Per Bit into Energy Per Symbol. As satellite communications has moved more towards adaptive coding and modulation as a standard, it is more useful to measure the energy per symbol of a link since the number of symbols in a carrier may change as the satellite carrier adapts to noise conditions.

  • Signal To Noise Ratio

    Calculate your signal to noise. Experienced communications engineeers understand the importance of reducing the noise in a given link. All too often links are compared based on their power without considering the noise performance. Reducing your noise performance can be equally or more significant than increasing your signal power.,/p>

  • Shannon Capacity Calculator

    Calculate the performance of a communications link per the Shannon-Hartley theorem based on signal and noice. The important takeaway here is the noise performance on your link throughput.

  • TCP/IP Satellite Throughput Calculator

    Calculate TCP Throughput based on TCP Window Size and Roundtrip Latency.

  • Symbol Rate to Data Rate Calculator

    Convert Symbol Rate to Data Rate and Date Rate to Symbol Rate.

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