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Link Budget Analysis Tools

  • Antenna Efficiency

    This tool calculates the efficiency of a satellite antenna based on the aperture, suggested gain and frequency.

  • System G/T

    This tool will calculate your System Gain to Noise Temperature Ratio

  • ERP / EIRP

    This tool calculates the Effective Radiated Power(ERP) and Effective Isotropic Radiated Power(EIRP) of a station based on antenna gain and Transmitter Power Output(TPO).

  • Symbol Rate to Data Rate Calculator

    We use this tool to calculate the symbol rate of a carrier based on a data rate and vice-versa.

Throughput Analysis Tools

  • Bandwidth Calculator

    This is a tool that we use to quickly compare the spectral performance associated with various FEC/Modulation combinations.

  • TCP Throughput Calculator

    Perform a quick calculation of what you should can realistically expect in terms of TCP throughput from one host to anotehr over this long distance link.

Conversion Tools

  • Eb/No to Es/No.

    While calculating the energy per bit was the old accepted standard, now with Adaptive Coding and Modulation, more and more people are using the energy per symbol.

  • dbW / dBM to Watts.

    Convert the various power measurements to make HPA comparison simpler.

Antenna Tools