Global Satellite Bandwidth

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Satcom Resources offers both short and long-term satellite bandwidth supply solutions. In conjunction with our hardware, support, installation and post sales training, this completes our solution to turn key intergrated networking solutions. We do this through our clients, or you could say our network of partners.

Satcom Resources Offers

  • System and Network Design
  • Global Satellite Bandwidth Options
  • Co-location and Teleport Services
  • Consultancy
  • Emergency On-Site Technical Support
  • Training and Maintenance Programs

Our Clients Move Bits

Our intimate knowledge of, and expertise in the ground station equipment side of the business, that data and packet flow, and our continuing education and training, gives us a unique ability to design some of the most spectrally efficient satellite networks available. And we don't stop there; then there is the IP Layer, and finally the Application Layer. We start with the obvious and end with the details, ultimately building and designing our networks around a total cost of operation, helping our clients become very successful. After all, our clients are in the business of moving bits, so it is important that they have a good vehicle to do so and aren't spending any money moving bits they don't need to.

How the Satcom Resources Satellite Bandwidth Model Works

A prospective client will come to us with a requirement or an idea. We explore the budget with them, do a competitive analysis on what they are trying to do, and look at potential solutions. We carefully go through the financial models comparing the various technologies available to solve the problem. Once we come up with the right fit, we then dig into our databases to introduce them to the right people that can help them achieve their goal.

Throughout the life of the network we act as mentors, continuing to use our expertise to advise our clients on how to take their networks to the next step, to maintain their competitive position in the marketplace. We watch the networks carefully, not only to ensure our clients success, but also to learn, ourselves. We spend a great deal of time understanding the client's business, their offerings and their customers, often developing solutions outside of the satellite domain to help solve the end user problem.

We help to keep our clients current and relevant in their market

Our clients are typically savvy business men and women, and we likely learn as much from them as they do from us. As we are introduced to new technologies, we are constantly thinking about our customers. We are in close contact with many of the leading thinkers in this industry. We are constantly researching, studying and testing new technologies, all with the intent of helping to keep our customers at the forefront of their markets.