Paradise PD25 Evolution Series IF Satellite Modem

  • Paired Carrier Operation
  • Field Upgradeable Feature set
  • Data Rates 4.8 kbps to 25 Mbps
  • Web User Interface
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PD25 Features

  • Data rate options to 25Mbps, 12.5Msps.
  • Paired Carrier™ option.
  • A wide range of terrestrial interfaces including Ethernet, serial and G.703.
  • Advanced IP feature set including TCP acceleration, compression, routing, bridging, traffic shaping, ACM, VCM and throughput/ diagnostic graphs.
  • FastLink Low-Latency LDPC, 2nd Generation Turbo (TPC) and other FEC options.
  • Modulations up to 64QAM.
  • New! Patent-pending LinkGuard™ signalunder- carrier interference detection.

Evolution Series PD25 IF Satellite Modem

The Evolution Series PD25 has been designed for cost-critical modem applications and discerning users who demand quality and reliability at an affordable price. This 25Mbps capable modem offers full compliance with IESS-308, 309, 310, 314 & 315, plus a range of data interfaces including Ethernet. The Evolution Series Satellite Modem design is based on highly programmable logic giving the flexibility of instant feature upgrades and built-in future-proofing.

Advanced Bandwidth-Efficient Features

Evolution Series Modems contain a host of bandwidth-efficient features, which can all be used at the same time.

Paired Carrier™ overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by up to 50%. Paired Carrier™ uses ViaSat’s patented PCMA technology.

FastLink™ low-latency LDPC has been designed specifically for latency-sensitive applications while giving coding gain that is close to the theoretical limits.

Advanced bandwidth-saving IP features include acceleration and header and payload compression. A sophisticated on-board IP traffic shaping feature allows end-to-end provisioning of quality of service.

Paired Carrier™ Operation

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