Paradise CO PowerMAX N+1 Soft-Fail Phase Combined GaN System

  • Gallium Nitride amplifiers
  • All passive Power Combining
  • Output Power sized for N+1 Redundancy
  • System is 100% field maintainable
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Paradise CO PowerMAX N+1 Soft-Fail Phase Combined GaN System

The Teledyne Paradise Datacom Outdoor Compact PowerMAX N+1 Soft-Fail Phase Combined GaN System maintains complete parallel redundancy down to the embedded control level. Therefore the loss of an entire amplifier will not interrupt remote communications with the system. Remote communications can be either RS-485 or Ethernet. The system will automatically correct its gain level in the event of one or more amplifier failures.

The sophisticated system monitor and control allows the system to be locally or remotely operated as if it were a “single” chassis amplifier. The system control maintains a hierarchical management that allows the operator to interface to a single chassis of the multi-module array.

Another feature unique to Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s Outdoor PowerMAX is the introduction of “true rms” output power measurement. Unlike other amplifier systems that utilize diode detection schemes, the Outdoor PowerMAX reports the true rms output power of the system independent of the number of carriers and modulation schemes.

Proprietary waveguide combining techniques are employed so that maximum power combining efficiency is optimized within the operating frequency band.


  • Gallium Nitride amplifiers, offering higher power density
  • Each array of 4 HPAs features no active switching - all passive Power Combining
  • Output Power sized for N+1 Redundancy
  • System can be configured with any combination of 4 to 8 units
  • Removable fan trays
  • System is 100% field maintainable
  • System Monitor and Control emulates single SSPA Chassis operation
  • Legacy RS-485 M&C
  • Ethernet Port with UDP, SNMP, and internal web browser capability
  • Accurate Output Power measurement
  • Reflected Power Monitor
  • RF Output Sample Port
  • Optional L-Band Input with Redundancy
  • RF Gain Adjustment
        (42 dB - 62 dB) Ku-Band systems
        (50 dB - 70 dB) all others
  • System is field scalable: i.e., can start out with (4) modules in system and upgrade to (8) modules.

System Output Power and Configurations

The Outdoor PowerMAX system is typically used as a “self-redundant” system. The output power is sized such that the loss of (1) RF module’s power will still allow the system to maintain its minimum required output power. This type of system architecture is described as n+1 redundant. The system can be configured with any number of modules, but best overall efficiency is obtained with the popular binary combinations of 4 or 8 modules.

It is very easy to upgrade the PowerMAX system from 4 modules to 8 modules in the field. It is not necessary to fully populate the system at the time of initial purchase. This provides the user a path to upgrade output power capability as system requirements grow, thus keeping capital investment minimized. For sizing redundant output power capability use the following guideline to determine the output power of the system with the loss of (1) module.

4 Module System - 3 of 4 Modules Operable = 2.5 dB loss in output power capability
8 Module System - 7 of 8 Modules Operable = 1.2 dB loss in output power capability

Outdoor PowerMAX System Diagram

Hitless Redundancy

For mission critical systems in which no power outage can be tolerated, an eight module Outdoor PowerMAX system can be operated with only four modules installed. In this way, the additional four modules can be installed without requiring the system to be powered off.

The only disadvantage of operating the eight module Outdoor PowerMAX system with four modules is the additional 3 dB loss that the four module (half-system) system experiences by going through the final hybrid combiner as shown at right. The overall output power is therefore actually 6 dB below what it would be with all eight modules present.

If the module output power is sized such that this reduction in output power can be tolerated, the system shown at right is an effective means of scaling the system from four to eight modules and maintaining true hitless operation.

With parallel system architectures, the amplifier output power capability and gain will change as the number of active modules vary. The Outdoor PowerMAX system is designed with an Auto-Gain Control mode so that the overall system gain will remain constant in the event of a single module failure.

SSPA Module Population Options

The Outdoor PowerMAX system is available in a variety of system GaN module configurations and output power levels. The system is based on Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s popular Compact Outdoor SSPA. The units can be configured with a wide variety of SSPA frequency bands and power levels, and can be fitted with the following SSPA modules:

  • C-Band: 300W, 400W
  • X-Band: 300W, 400W
  • Ku Band: 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W

L-Band Input Option

The Outdoor PowerMAX system can be configured for L-Band Input operation. For optimum RF phase combining over the entire bandwidth of a communication amplifier system, the frequency translation part of the system must be separated from the phase combined loop.

Therefore, systems with L-Band input are configured with a separate L-Band block up converter system that feeds the PowerMAX system.

The block up converter system is a 1:1 redundant vBUC block up converter assembly with internal redundancy control. The vBUC block up converters can be configured with internal or external reference oscillators. The Teledyne Paradise Datacom vBUC converter architecture allows a converter that is fitted with an internal reference oscillator to automatically detect and switch to an externally applied 10 MHz reference signal.

When a fault is detected in the online converter, the redundancy controller drives the switch to place the standby vBUC online without user intervention.

If L-Band redundancy is not required, the system can be configured with a single thread vBUC block up converter.

More Information
Country of Manufacture
ManufacturerTeledyne Paradise Datacom
Prime FrequencyC-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band, S-Band
Amplifier TypeGaN SSPA
Rated Output Power80W, 100W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 500W
Power Rating MethodPSAT
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