Teledyne Paradise Q-Flex P2MP Satellite Modem

  • Dual IF/L-band operation
  • Data rates to 200Mbps
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint operation
  • XStream IP™ advanced IP optimization
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Teledyne Paradise Q-Flex P2MP Satellite Modem

The Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Flex P2MP Remote Satellite Modem for Q-NET Point-to-Multipoint Systems is a flexible software-defined modem that provides point-to-point and point -to-multipoint operation in one unit.

We’ve created the Q-Flex™ P2MP by pre-configuring a standard Q-Flex™ to provide only the features required for use as a remote modem in a Q-NET™ point-to-multipoint IP system.

The modem is fitted with the standard Q-Flex™ software and so can also operate point-to-point. Additional features for point-to-point operation, as per the Q-Flex™ datasheet, can be purchased if required.

Advanced Bandwidth-Efficient Features

The Q-Flex™ P2MP modem supports the most powerful bandwidth-saving technology available.

There is a choice of DVB-S2X or FastLink™ low-latency LDPC for both the outbound and inbound carriers. DVB-S2X, is 20% to 60% more bandwidth efficient than its predecessor, DVB-S2.

Bandwidth-saving IP features include VCM, ACM, acceleration and header and payload compression. Data for the remote modem can be filtered from the shared outbound using VLAN ID, stream ID, IP address, DSCP, etc.

Q-Flex P2MP Remote Modem Features

  • Dual IF/L-band operation
  • Rx data rates to 345Mbps; Tx to 100Mbps
  • Point-to-point & point-to-multipoint operation
  • XStream IP™ advanced IP optimization suite, including TCP & HTTP acceleration, header & payload compression, dynamic routing, traffic shaping, encryption & ACM
  • Choice of DVB-S2X or FastLink™ LDPC outbound/inbounds
  • Optimized spectral roll-offs, including 5%
  • Customer traffic separation using VLANs
  • LinkGuard™ signal-under-carrier interference detection
  • Built-in spectrum & constellation monitors
  • DVB Carrier ID (DVB-CID compliant)
  • Q-NET™ Navigator network control app included as standard
  • Software Defined Network support: vendorindependent network device control using standard commands (supports OpenFlow)

Markets and Applications

  • IP trunking/backhaul & cellular backhaul
  • Corporate/enterprise networking
  • Government universal service obligation networks
  • Broadcast (Ultra HDTV/HEVC/SDTV)
  • Maritime, oil & gas communications
More Information
Weight 6.6000
Country of Manufacture
Manufacturer Teledyne Paradise Datacom
Input Power 90 - 264 VAC
Max Data Rate 100Mbps
Max Symbol Rate 50Msps
Modulation QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK, 64APSK
Output Frequency 50 - 180 MHz, 950 - 2450 MHz
Warranty No
Dimensions 1U chassis, 285mm deep excluding front panel handles and rear panel connectors and fans
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