Why you want to create a Satcom Resources account

Access to Pricing Information and Advanced Features

You don't need an account to browse the products listed on satcomresources.com. However you do need an account to purchase a product, view pricing information,and use features such as our intelligent product configurator, product lists and view order status and estimate history.

Q: How do I get an account?

A: It's easy, when you view a product, you will be prompted to login, and when you click the login link, you'll have the option to create an account. You can also register here for a new account now and start using our additional site features.

Q: How long will it take to get an account?

A: It's immediate. All you have to do is complete the required information to set up your account, and you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Q: What if I forget or forgot my username or password?

A:Just follow the steps through our login assistance forms, chat with one of our chat representatives, or email us.

Q: Will I be able to change my account information?

A: Simply login, and choose settings from the left hand menu in your customer center. From there you can update your address books, change your profile and more.

Q: What is the procurement portal?

A: A Satcom Resources Procurement Portal is a customizable extranet that will help simplify the buying process, at no extra cost. Once you've signed up, you'll recieve specialty pricing based on your previous purchases, as well as access to time-saving features, including quote and order history, customizable product lists, and intelligent product configurators. To request a portal for your organization, call 1.866.SATCOM1 or email your sales executive.

Get Help Searching for Products

Q: When I search for products by keyword, sometimes the results seem unrelated. What can I do?

A: Results for a keyword search are sorted by best match to show the products that have the most relevance for the entered keyword. Keywords that are more general and/or apply to products across multiple categories will return a wider range of products that may seem unrelated. With the results that are cross-category -- meaning that they consist of a products from a number of different categories, the results can be narrowed to a specific category, and more specific attributes by clicking on a narrowing option