Specification Guides

Specification Guides
Listed below are some documents we have written up to explain what the various specifications on equipment mean.

  • LNB Specification Guide

    The LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter) receives the signal collected by the satellite antenna, amplifies that signal, and then downconverts those signals to a lower frequency, typically L-Band, which is better suited to transmission over a coaxial cable to your receiving device. Typically, these are mounted outdoors at or near the feed of the antenna. This guide will guide you through choosing your LNB.

  • Amplifier Buyers Guide

    The amplifier is one of many important components in your satellite link. Due to differences in measurement techniques, it is important to ensure that you when you are comparing two amplifiers, you are comparing them on the right data. This guide aims to help you understand the considerations when comparing measurements.

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