Satellite Modem Buyers Guide

Comtech EF Data CDM-425 Satellite Modem Front Panel

When you inquire about a satellite modem, below are some of the questions we're might ask you the questions to guide you to the right one.

Do you have a make and model of the Modem that you are looking for?

Depending on the answer to this question, we may be able to stop right here.

Example answers for the make could be:

  • Comtech EF Data
  • Paradise Datacom
  • Hughes Network Systems
  • Viasat
  • iDirect
  • Datum Systems
  • Gilat
  • Newtec

Example answers for the model could be:

  • CDM-625A
  • MDM-3100
  • QFlex
  • X7
  • M7
  • MDM6000
  • NS3000

If you don't have this information, don't worry, our sales engineers will help you find waht you are looking for.

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Is this going to be a dedicated (SCPC) circuit, or are you jumping on to a hub operators's network?

If you are building out a dedicated link, then you are going to be running an SCPC, or single-channel-per-carrier modem. If you are going on a hub, then you will need a modem that is compatible with that hub. Newtec's dialog platform, Comtech EF Data's Heights platform, UHP's Romantis platform, Hughes, Idirect and Gilat are all examples of Hub Type Platforms. If one of those Hubs sounds like what you are on, then you should contact your HSP (Hub Service Provider) and they can tell you what kind of modem you will need.

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