Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite™ "Comms-on-the-Move" Satellite Modem Card

  • Small form factor
  • L-Band operation
  • Modulations to 64QAM
  • Software upgradeable
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Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite™ "Comms-on-the-Move" Satellite Modem Card

The Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite™ "Comms-on-the-Move" Satellite Modem Card is a compact, single-board satellite modem suitable for integration into custom enclosures for portable communications and comms-on-the-move.

The Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite™ "Comms-on-the-Move" Satellite Modem Card has been designed for simple mechanical integration into OEM products, being small in physical size and with very low power consumption. It is compatible with our Q-Flex™ and Quantum IP modems.

Monitoring and control of the modem is via Ethernet, with an option to fit a keypad and LCD display for local control. The Teledyne Paradise Datacom Q-Lite™ "Comms-on-the-Move" Satellite Modem Card can also be provided in a half-width chassis.

Advanced Bandwidth-Efficient Features

The Q-Lite™ is small in size but big on features! Paired Carrier™ overlays transmit and receive carriers reducing satellite bandwidth by 50%.

DVB-S2X, the successor to the highly robust and bandwidth-efficient DVB-S2, includes spectral roll-offs as low as 5%. Our proprietary lowlatency extension to DVB-S2x reduces link latency by nearly 80%!

Q-NET™ Navigator supports the M&C of all Paradise modems (old and new) and third-party network devices from a single application. Includes easyto- use navigation, support for multiple operator roles/access levels, continuous status/alarm polling and full access to all modem features. Q-NET™ Navigator is included as standard, free of charge.

Markets and Applications

  • Comms-on-the-move including vehicles, aircraft and UAVs
  • Portable communication systems
  • Compact, low-power satellite terminals
  • Man-packs
  • Disaster relief
  • SNG and other broadcast applications


  • Small form factor (255mm x 184mm)
  • L-band operation (950MHz to 2050MHz)
  • Data rates to 200Mbps
  • Optimized spectral roll-offs, including 5%
  • XStream IP™ advanced IP optimization suite including TCP acceleration, header & payload compression, dynamic routing, traffic shaping, encryption & ACM
  • DVB-S2/S2X, FastLink™ LDPC & TPC
  • 24 Volt input power supply
  • 25 to 33 Watt power consumption
  • Optional keypad/LCD display & fans
  • Optional L-band services (10MHz output, BUC/LNB PSU)
  • Optional 1U half-rack enclosure (half the width of standard 19” rack)
  • LinkGuard™ signal-under-carrier interference detection
  • Built-in spectrum & constellation monitors
  • DVB Carrier ID. Fully compliant with DVB-CID standard
  • New! Q-NET™ Navigator network M&C application included as standard

Built-in Spectrum Analyser showing LinkGuard™ Signal-Under-Carrier interference detection without/with interferer present.

More Information
Country of ManufactureUnited States
ManufacturerTeledyne Paradise Datacom
Max Data Rate345 Mbps
Max Symbol Rate70 Msps
ModulationBPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM, 16APSK, 32APSK, 128APSK, 256APSK
Output Frequency50 - 180 MHz, 70 MHz, 140 MHz
Warranty2 Years
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