GD Satcom Model 500 Tracking Receiver

  • Single or dual polarization inputs
  • Single or dual internal receiver options
  • Monopulse capability (with optional RF plate
  • Quick-Lock acquisition (<1 second)
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GD Satcom Model 500 Tracking Receiver

The GD Satcom Model 500 Tracking Receiver provides a high quality, cost effective solution as a beacon receiver for satellite tracking, spectrum analyzer, or carrier monitoring and uplink power control (UPC) receiver source.

The GD Satcom Model 500 Tracking Receiver is an integrated rack mounted (2RU) chassis that includes:

  • Dual touch screen display system with intuitive user interface and scroll wheel
  • Embedded control and DSP processors
  • Digital or analog receiver(s), or both
  • DVB receiver for aiding target identification
  • Up to 5 internal block down converters for any frequency band combination from L through Ka
  • Dual 100MB Ethernet and EIA-422 serial ports (fiber optic interface optional)
  • Internal L-Band test signal generator
  • Available as 900 series Antenna Control Unit with integral 500 series receivers
  • Ultra-Wideband 18/36/72 MHz instantaneous bandwidth version optional

The RF front end down-converts input signals in two stages: from L-band to an 869 MHz IF and then from 869 to 10.7 MHz. For analog operation, the 10.7 MHz signals are down-converted to 455 kHz. For digital receiver operation, the 10.7 MHz signals are passed through a high order passive anti-aliasing filter and coupled via a differential transformer to the inputs of an A/D converter. The ADC inputs are digitized at 16 MHz and are transferred to a 500 MHz, 32-bit Digital Signal Processor for real-time analysis.

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Weight 24.0000
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer GD Satcom
Input Power 100 - 240 VAC, 120VAC / 220VAC, -48VDC
Warranty 2 Years
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