GD Satcom Digital Tracking Receiver

  • L-band range of 950 - 2050 MHz
  • Single/Dual direct-connect polarization inputs
  • Wide input signal dynamic range (70 dBm nominal)
  • Outstanding sensitivity
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GD Satcom Digital Tracking Receiver

The General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) is a fully synthesized tracking receiver developed for satellite tracking and uplink power control applications. This DSP-based receiver accepts wideband RF inputs, performs frequency selection, and digitally processes the selected signal.

The DTR can be configured for numerous input frequency ranges from L-band to Ka-band. Multi-band applications are also readily accommodated. DDS techniques facilitate 1 kHz frequency resolution for any input frequency range.

DTR Key Features

  • L-band range of 950 - 2050 MHz
  • L,S,C,X,Ku, and Ka-band single and multi-band configurations available
  • Single/Dual direct-connect polarization inputs
  • Wide input signal dynamic range (70 dBm nominal)
  • Outstanding sensitivity (minimum C/No is better than 35 dB-Hz)
  • Fully synthesized tuning with 1 kHz tuning steps
  • User-selectable tracking slope
  • Spectral Display

The use of DSP technology, rather than conventional analog radio techniques, provides outstanding linearity and operational flexibility. Software controlled signal detection can accommodate virtually any modulation scheme.

A powerful and intuitive user interface provides the ability to custom configure specific applications in a very straightforward manner. The user settings provide easy configuration of tracking signal slope to match a wide range of next-level system components. A “Spectral Display” function allows the user to view real time amplitude vs. frequency data.

The flexibility and unparalleled attributes, resulting from state-of-the art concepts and components, places the DTR at the forefront of receiver technology.

Additional Features

  • Contextual menus, spin knob and keypad aid user interaction
  • Monopulse capability (optional)
  • Excellent tracking signal linearity
  • Absolute input power level display
  • Serial and parallel remote control capability (contact closure; RS-232, RS-422)
  • Front Panel 70 MHz monitor port (50 Ω BNC female)
  • Bandwidth filter options as low as 16 kHz to maximize C/No
  • Bandwidth filter options for standard configurations as wide as 500 kHz to supported modulated carriers

The Spectral Display offers a convenient amplitude vs. frequency display of the received signal. The display is useful for system fault isolation, for routine maintenance and is also cost effective when a full function spectrum analyzer is not available or necessary.

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Country of ManufactureUnited States
ManufacturerGD Satcom
Input Power110 - 240 VAC
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