GD Satcom 500 Tracking Receiver

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  • Single or dual polarization inputs
  • Single or dual internal receiver options
  • Monopulse capability (with optional RF plate
  • Quick-Lock acquisition (<1 second)

GD Satcom Model 500 Tracking Receiver

The GD Satcom Model 500 Tracking Receiver provides a high quality, cost effective solution as a beacon receiver for satellite tracking, spectrum analyzer, or carrier monitoring and uplink power control (UPC) receiver source for the NetMAC M&C system.

The GD Satcom Model 500 Tracking Receiver is an integrated rack mounted (2RU) chassis that includes:

  • Dual touch screen display system with intuitive user interface and scroll wheel
  • Embedded control and DSP processors
  • Digital or analog receiver(s), or both
  • DVB receiver for aiding target identification
  • Up to 5 internal block down converters for any frequency band combination from L through Ka
  • Dual 100MB Ethernet and EIA-422 serial ports (fiber optic interface optional)
  • Internal L-Band test signal generator
  • Available as 900 series Antenna Control Unit with integral 500 series receivers
  • Ultra-Wideband 18/36/72 MHz instantaneous bandwidth version optional

The RF front end down-converts input signals in two stages: from L-band to an 869 MHz IF and then from 869 to 10.7 MHz. For analog operation, the 10.7 MHz signals are down-converted to 455 kHz. For digital receiver operation, the 10.7 MHz signals are passed through a high order passive anti-aliasing filter and coupled via a differential transformer to the inputs of an A/D converter. The ADC inputs are digitized at 16 MHz and are transferred to a 500 MHz, 32-bit Digital Signal Processor for real-time analysis.

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Country of ManufactureUnited States
ManufacturerGD Satcom
Input Power100 - 240 VAC, 120VAC / 220VAC, -48VDC
Warranty2 Years
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