Ayecka SR1 Advanced DVB-S2 Receiver

  • Support for ACM
  • Dual Carrier Receive Feature
  • GigE Interface
  • IP or MPEG-TS over DVB-S2 Reception
30 Days ARO

Ayecka SR1 Advanced DVB-S2 Receiver

The Ayecka SR1 Advanced DVB-S2 Receiver with a GigE interface, an IP-over-satellite receiver, gives service providers a strong competitive edge. With the SR1, IP satellite service providers now have the bandwidth to increase their user base or deliver better service to their existing customer base.

SR1’s best cost-performance parameters lead the market. With its support of advanced modulation modes at 16 and 32 APSK, the SR1 delivers more throughput with the same satellite link. By delivering a higher bit rate using the same satellite bandwidth, the SR1 significantly reduces long-term operating costs.

Satellite service providers can leverage the Ayecka SR1 across multiple applications, including bandwidth augmentation for VSAT networks, satellite unidirectional networks, data-casting, IPTV, and digital TV head ends.

Enhanced Features

Focus on Reception – SR1’s unique architecture focuses on satellite reception and DVB-S2 to IP conversion, leaving data routing to external routers. The SR1 provides complete implementation of the DVB-S2 receiver (including ACM, VCM, multistream and more)

Adaptive/Variable Code Modulation – IP satellite providers can provide real-time and flexible power and modulation schemes and packet density to pre-defined customer groups at various locations, instead of addressing the lowest common denominator

Support for ACM - Implementation of ACM is based on availability of return channel (terrestrial or other) and is compliant with ETSI TS102 441

Dual-carrier Receive Feature – If customer bandwidth needs require the receipt of two carriers from two satellites, the SR1 aggregates the bandwidth into a single delivery

Wire-speed – SR1 handles traffic from the satellite to the network via dedicated hardware, supporting payload rates of up to 165 Mbps and eliminating the bottleneck caused by CPU processing

GigE – Provides gigabit Ethernet as a standard feature

Streaming – Offers video streaming of MPEG transport over IP output(1)

Highly Efficient Hardware – SR1 is a highly specialized hardware platform supporting different modes of operation and completely customizable to unique customer needs, reducing initial capital expenses and long-term operating costs while eliminating vendor lock in off-the-shelf with a fixed spec

Generic Stream – SR1 support the new generic stream IP over DVB-S2 encapsulation, offering superior performance for IP over satellite delivery, as compared to the multiprotocol encapsulation (MPE) (1)

Easy Integration – Provides IP or MPEG-TS over DVB-S2 reception across most network architectures

Channel Encryption – To ensure the highest levels of service security, SR1 supports BISS encryption using local or Internet-based key management. Channel encryption is available as an option(1)

Flexible Management Interface - Provides an independent 100baseT management interface supporting CLI, Telnet, and SNMP

Highly Competitive Pricing – Ayecka's SR1 offers advanced technology at more than 50% less than other devices on the market

SR1 Highlights

  • Professional DVB-S2 receiver supporting ACM, VCM, 16/32 APSK
  • Dual carrier (2) receiver for 8PSK CCM, single for ACM
  • GigE interface to support full DVB-S2 transponder
  • Supports MPE and GS(1)
  • Supports MPEG over IP – Pro-MPEG and RFC2250(1)
  • Receives MPEG-TS and encapsulates over IP output
  • Independent local IP interface for management

SR1 supports two modes of operations:

  • Data mode - SR1 receives the DVB-S2 signal and decapsulates the IP information from the MPEG transport stream or baseband frames. IP packets, unicast or multicast, are forwarded to the default router
  • Transport stream forwarding - SR1 receives the DVB-S2 signal, and MPEG-TS packets are encapsulated over IP and sent out to the network.

SR1 & IP over Satellite with DVB-S2

Using DVB-S2 technology significantly improves the performance of IP over satellite networks. Ayecka's SR1 leverages DVB-S2’s advanced features by both increasing the channel capacity and the efficiency of existing transponders to deliver higher bit rates, higher then 100Mbps.

As the SR1 completely supports the DVB-S2 spec, the advanced operation modes offer optimization to operators in both C-Band (with VCM) and KU-Band (with ACM). For both networks types, the SR1 provides additional improvement with the migration from IP over transport stream to IP over generic stream. SR1 supports ETSI TS102 441 implementation of ACM communication for smooth integration with any DVB-S2 ACM head end.

More Information
Weight 2.0000
Country of Manufacture Israel
Manufacturer No
Input Power 100 - 240 VAC
Warranty 1 Year
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