Ayecka SM1 - DVB-S2 SCPC Modem with GigE Interface

  • Receiver support of 5% roll off, ACM, VCM, and 16/32 APSK
  • Up to 67.5Msps in both directions
  • Embedded ACM manager for P2P
  • Pre-Distortion – in open and close loop
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Ayecka SM1 - DVB-S2 SCPC Modem with GigE Interface

The SM1 Advanced DVB -S2 SCPC Modem with a GigE interface, offers service providers a strong edge when operating their services In today ’s competitive market. SM1’s best cost-performance parameters lead the market. With the high spectral efficiency of the DVB-S2 standard and its extensions the SM1 delivers more performance at lower cost and significantly reduces long-term operating costs. With return channel that can be selectable from SCPC DVB -S2, DVB-R CS or Random Access, The SM1 is optimal for any network.

SM1 Highlights

  • DVB-S2 receiver with support of 5% roll o, ACM, VCM, and 16/32 APSK
  • Configurable return channel for DVB-S2 SCPC, DVB-S2 SCPC with Spread Spectrum, DVB-RCS or Random access
  • Up to 67.5Msps in both directions.
  • Wire speed processing of traffic – full hardware implementation.
  • GigE interface to support full DVB-S2 transponder
  • Embedded ACM manager for P2P
  • Advanced GSE VCM optimizer for high channel utilization
  • High BUC power drive – up to 24V/8AMP.
  • Pre-Distortion – in open and close loop

Enhanced Features

Focus on Data transfer – SM1’s unique architec ture focuses on data transfer over satellite, leaving routing and other functionality to external device .

Standard base - SM1 utilize the state of the are standards in satellite communication to offer high spectral efficiency and avoiding propriety solutions

Wire-speed – SM1 handles traffic between the satellite to the network via dedicated hardware, supporting payload rates of up to 250 Mbps and eliminating the bottleneck caused by CPU processing

Adaptive/Variable Code Modulation – IP satellite providers can provide real-time and flexible power and modulation schemes and packet density to pre-defined customer groups at various locations instead of addressing the lowest common denominator

Support for ACM – SM1 internal ACM Manager offers channel optimization without need for external equipment.

Efficiency – SM1 supports the new generic stream IP over DVB-S2 encapsulation, offering superior Performance for IP over satellite delivery, as compared to the multiprotocol encapsulation (MPE)

Spread Spectrum – Spread the Tx signal is the key to use the SM1 with small antennas for on the move communication.

Easy Integration – With the flexibility of the GSE the SM1 can offer L2 , L3 and MPLS based forwarding of traffic. Flexibility that simplifies the integration of SM1 in any network

Channel Encryption – To ensure the highest levels of service security, SM1 supports BISS ore AES based encryption using local or Internet-based key management.

Redundancy – With its dual RX inputs, the SM1 provides redundancy in the reception channels. The Two RF inputs are fully independent and suppor t 2 LNB powering

Flexible Management Interface - Provides an independent 100baseT management interface Supporting CLI, Telnet, HT TP and SNMP

Highly Competitive Pricing – Ayecka's SM1 oers advanced technology at more than 50% less than other similar devices on the market


SCPC – The superior RF front end and support for high bit rates makes the SM1 an optimal solution for reception of SCPC signals.

Backhauling – The small form factor and competitive price make the Cellular and Wireless local loop backhauling SCADA / M2M – using the SM1 return channel in Random Access mode, The SM1 is an optimal solution to SCADA networks in all scales.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Israel
Manufacturer Ayecka
Input Power 100 - 240 VAC
Warranty No
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