Radeus Labs Model 8200 Antenna Control System

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Radeus Labs Model 8200 Antenna Control System

Modular, Configurable, Compatible…

The Radeus Labs 8200 antenna control system meets the requirements of retrofits and new in- stallations. As a retrofit option, the 8200 ACU is compatible with industry standard drive-cabinet interfaces and legacy position-feedback devices such as absolute rotary optical encoders, standard single-speed brushless size 11 resolvers, and two-speed brushless size 20 resolvers.

The Radeus Labs Model 8200 Antenna Control Unit is designed to support robust, unattended operation for long periods of time. It uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver higher value than legacy ACUs, along with unprecedented ease of use, reliability, and performance.

  • Touchscreen controls for all operations
  • Efficient, intuitive graphical user interface
  • Hardware jog buttons with LED indicators
  • Data and parameters secured in nonvolatile storage
  • Innovative setup wizard eases installation
  • Secure TeamViewer integration for remote and shared ACU operation
  • Field-proven in critical applications

Modes of Operation

Manual  Front-panel  buttons for two-speed, manual jog control.
Move to Longitude 
Position to AZ and EL an- gles determined from the longitudinal orbital   slot.
Move to Look Angles  
Position to user-provid- ed AZ, EL, and POL angles.
Step Track
Periodic algorithm to  perform an AZ-EL scan pattern to peak up signal  strength.
Predictive Track  
Point the satellite dish using an orbital model created from previous peak AZ and EL step-track data points.

Optional Modes

TLE (Two-Line Element)
Track automated po- sitioning based on NORAD two-line element sets.
Automated  tracking  to  AZ and EL coordinate sets derived from Intelsat 11 parameters.
Computer Track
Automated positioning using commanded angles supplied from an external computer.
Sun and Moon Track
Automated  positioning  to AZ and EL locations of the sun and the  moon.
Star Track
Automated  positioning  to AZ and EL locations of radio stars.

Drive Cabinet — Model  8250

The Radeus Labs 8000 Series™ drive cabinet reduces IFL costs. It also re- quires fewer connections between the control center and the antenna.

  1. Remote system control over Ethernet via SNMP, or by USB or RS-232E serial ports.
  2. The IFL requires an ethernet cable and one copper pair (for Drive  Enable/E-Stop).
  3. Remote system control via a secure Team- Viewer connection to the ACU.
  4. Dedicated jog button-indicators — like those on the ACU — show when motors  are engaged, whether from drive cabinet or ACU.
  5. Options enable users to monitor and control brakes, interlocks, and feed status, as well as various position-feedback resolution and ac- curacy options.
More Information
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Radeus Labs
Input Power 100 - 240 VAC
Warranty 2 Years
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