Intellian i2 Marine Satellite TV Antenna System

  • Fast signal acquisition
  • Compact 33cm reflector (under 4.5kg)
  • 60° per second turning rate
  • DVB-S2 Signal Identification
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Intellian i2 Marine Satellite TV Antenna System

A firm hold on the signal
Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) uses a high performance, constantly adjusting sub-reflector which allows the antenna to remain relatively still, eliminating the constant whine of stepper motors while providing clear reception while the boat is in motion.

Faster signal acquisition
Intellian’s exclusive Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm allows antenna to search, find and lock on to a signal with incredible speed and accuracy.

Compact size
33cm antenna reflector diameter with an antenna weighs less than 4.5kg.

Simple & Easy installation
With just a single cable to connect the antenna and the ACU, Intellian i2 systems are quick and easy to install. Our advanced ACU is designed to require a minimum of set-up so you can begin to enjoy TV programs aboard your boat in no time.

Performance & Value
All these benefits are yours to enjoy without having to worry about a hefty price tag. Our goal is to provide an affordable, high value system so you can enjoy big- ticket broadcast entertainment and not have to worry about the price of admission.

System Diagram

i2 Marine Satellite TV Antenna System Diagram

Key Features

  • Travel further north or south with extended elevation range 10° to 80°
  • Stay locked on in rough seas, 60° per second turning rate
  • Compatible with global satellite TV service providers
  • Smaller size with bigger performance
  • Simplicity of design, no fragile compass and no rate sensor
  • Switch channels as fast as you do at home
  • DVB-S2 Signal Identification

System Dimensions

i2 System Dimensions
More Information
Country of Manufacture
Antenna Size0.33m
Prime FrequencyKu-Band
Input Frequency10.7 - 12.75 GHz
PolarizationLinear Cross Pol
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