iNetVu 1200 Mobile Auto Acquisition Satellite Antenna System

  • Reliable High Speed Internet
  • Self pointing, Auto Acquisition
  • Vehicle Mounted or case based
  • Full featured controllers
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iNetVu 1200 Drive-Away Antenna

The iNetVu® 1200 Drive-Away Antenna is a 1.2m auto-acquire satellite antenna system which can be mounted on the roof of a vehicle for direct broadband access over any confi gured satellite. The system works seamlessly with the iNetVu® 7000C Controller providing fast satellite acquisition within minutes, anytime anywhere.

iNetVu 1200 Features

  • One-Piece off set feed, prime focus, SMC refl ector with a back cover
  • Heavy duty platform for up to 11kg (25 lbs) RF Electronics (LNB & BUC)
  • Designed to work with the iNetVu® 7000C controller
  • Works seamlessly with the world’s most popular commercially available satellite modems
  • 3 Axis motorization
  • Supports manual control when required
  • One button, auto-pointing controller acquires any Ku-band satellite within 2 minutes
  • Locates satellites using the most advanced satellite acquisition methods
  • Supports Prodelin 1.2m antenna, Model 1132/1134
  • Standard 2 year warranty

Application Versatility

If you operate in Ku-band, the 1200 system is easily confi gured to provide instant access to satellite communications for any application that requires reliable and/or remote connectivity in a rugged environment. Ideally suited for industries such as Oil & Gas Exploration, Military Communications, Disaster Management, SNG, Emergency Communications Backup, Cellular Backhaul and many others.

Online with the touch of a button

  • Simple stand-alone one touch operation to find satellite and stow antenna
  • Typical satellite acquisition time in less than 2 minutes
  • Ideal for applications that require a quick, simple setup and reliable connection
  • Internal DVB receiver provides modem independence
  • Based on an embedded software solution

7000/7024 Controller Features

  • One touch stand-alone solution
  • Front Panel Configurable
  • Compatible with all iNetVu® mobile platforms
  • Supports DVB-S1 and DVB-S2/ACM frequencies
  • Optimal, high-precision antenna pointing
  • Remote access and operation via Network, Web and other Interfaces
  • Built-in motion and movement protection for safety
  • Supports inclined orbit satellites
  • Integrated with multiple modems
  • Works with GPS and GLONASS Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Global Position Information available for external devices
  • Easy to configure and operate
  • Interoperable with Uplogix’s remote management appliances
  • Supported languages by GUI interface: English, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin, Traditional) and Spanish
  • Standard 2 year warranty

Modem Compatibility

The DVB-S2/ACM Tuner is an integrated part of all iNetVu® 7000/7024 Controllers. It allows the iNetVu® system the option to find the satellite with and without the use of a satellite modem. Compact and adaptable, this high performance tuner is programmable to any DVB-S or DVB-S2/ACM frequency and allows the user to pre-confi ure specific satellite options.

iNFINITI 3000/5000/7000 Series
Evolution X5

Comtech/ Radyne
SkyWire MDX420

Linkstar II/IV/S2/S2A
Surfbeam ll/PRO
Surfbeam ll Auto-acquire EM4100

Teledyne Paradise Datacom
Evolution/ Quantum Series

Optional Beacon Receiver

An optional 19” rack mount iNetVu® Beacon Receiver (BR300L) is available and has been integrated to work with the iNetVu® Controllers. This external self contained compact unit detects the power density of the satellite beacon (930MHz - 2300MHz) and is connected to the controller via an RS232 serial port interface.

More Information
Country of Manufacture
Antenna Size 1.2m
Manufacturer C-Com Satellite
Prime Frequency Ku-Band
Input Frequency 10.7 - 11.7 GHz, 10.7 - 11.80 GHz, 10.7 - 12.75 GHz, 10.95 - 11.70 GHz, 10.95 - 11.75 GHz, 10.95 - 12.75 GHz, 10.95 - 13.25 GHz, 11.2 - 11.7 GHz, 11.55 - 12.75 GHz, 11.7 - 12.2 GHz, 11.7 - 12.75 GHz, 12.2 - 12.75 GHz, 12.25 - 12.75 GHz
Output Frequency 13.75 - 14.5 GHz, 14.0 - 14.5 GHz
Polarization Linear Cross Pol, Linear Co-Pol
Warranty 2 Years
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