Holkirk Quick2CONNECT News Gathering IP Broadcast Terminal

  • SD and HD IP Broadcast Solutions
  • Ku / Ka-Band Satellite
  • 3G / 4G Cellular
  • WiFi Connectivity
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Holkirk Quick2CONNECT News Gathering IP Broadcast Terminal

It’s all about the ’IP’ and the way new technology has developed to allow the ability to reliably deliver video and data over IP networks from remote locations to your desired designated, location and medium.

The Quick2CONNECT MBNG is a highly mobile and capable terminal that has been designed to be the heart of your IP Broadcast solution. The Quick2CONNECT will allow the delivery of your IP video over any available bearer, seamlessly with the peace of mind that if one bearer degrades during your broadcast your video quality will remain constant; this is ideal for content critical broadcasting and remote / challenging locations. The Quick2CONNECT is all you need to establish a high speed broadband link with VoIP connection, video streaming and wireless access hub from remote locations.

Quick2CONNECT Features

  • Complete Bonded IP Broadcast Solutions in SD and HD
  • Ku / Ka-Band Satellite
  • 3G / 4G Cellular
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • LAN
  • Microwave Link
  • Dual VBR MPEG4 Encoder
  • .4GHz and 5GHz WiFi Hotspot
  • Fully Redundant Back-up Battery Pack
  • Fly-Away or Roof-Mount
  • Simple-to-CONNECT Satellite Acquisition

The MBNG solution can bond up to 10 cellular connections with two Ethernet ports for satellite connectivity and a wired internet. It also has a built-in Wifi modem to allow connection via our later3 WiFi mesh option. The Dual encoder technology will allow simultaneous live streaming and a completely independent recording facility.

The full system incorporates:

  • 1.0M Satellite terminal with pointing AID
  • IP Modem
  • WiFi Router
  • Bonding Video Encoder
  • Hi-gain cellular antenna
  • All connection cables.

Bonding Engine

The Quick2CONNECT contains an advanced hybrid contribution video encoder designed for newsgathering systems to expand their capabilities by adding transmissions over bonded cellular networks, satellite and WiFi. It incorporates a compact 1U rack-mount chassis and embeds 8 x 3G/4G modems, 1 x Wi-Fi modem and 2 x best-in-class H.264 video encoders. For maximum reliability the Quick- 2CONNECT combines 4 patented high efficiency wideband antennas operating from 600MHz to 3GHz covering all the frequency bands used by 3G and 4G networks worldwide. The 4 antennas have semi omnidirectional radiation patterns and high gain across all bands for constant consistent uplink and downlink communications.

WiFi Hotspot with Ruggedized IP Modem

The WiFi router with integrated IP modem will be supplied as an outdoor unit that is sealed against water, dust and sand. The modem can be powered from either mains / 24VDC PSU, 12VDC car outlet or battery packs making the Quick2Connect a very versatile and resilient solution.

Ease of pointing

Quick 2 CONNECT incorporates an integrated GPS, electronic compass and inclinometer sensors that talks directly to the hand held MPAD2 device and gives you a real time read-out of the satellite position and your actual location, so pointing is very simple with target angles displayed on the screen an audible tone and graphic signal level scale when pointing at the satellite.

Quick2CONNECT MBNG Flyaway Terminal

  • TP100 (Ka or Ku-Band)
  • Quad High Gain Antenna
  • Aviwest 3G/4G Bonding Engine
  • Indoor / Outdoor Modem
  • WiFi Hot Spot
  • Wired Ethernet
  • MPAD Point Assist
  • Newspotter and Avanti Compatible

Quick2CONNECT MBNG Roof-mount Solution

  • 1.2M SMC Reflector
  • Quad High Gain Antenna
  • Aviwest 3G/4G Bonding Engine
  • Dual Axis Motion
  • WiFi Hot Spot
  • Wired Ethernet
  • ‘Simple-2-CONNECT’ Antenna Control Unit
  • Newspotter and Avanti Compatible

The Quick2CONNECT is ideal for store and forward, breaking news, occasional or permanent use, with uplink speeds in excess of 10Mbps.

With interchangeable transceiver options for Newspotter and Avanti, the Quick2CONNECT solution will allow multiple accesses to both HTS satellite networks and traditional uplink services alike.

Complete with a pricing structure that delivers better value than traditional services, the Quick2CONNECT flyaway forms the heart of your IP broadcast solution.

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