AvL Technologies LEO/MEO Tracking 85cm Tri-Band Flyaway Antenna

  • Designed for high duty cycle LEO/MEO satellite tracking
  • Make-before-Break Handover on two antenna systems
  • 30-minute set-up/<1 hour satellite acquisition
  • Standard Rx/Tx Feed 2-Port Ka-Band Commercial (CP or LP)
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AvL Technologies LEO/MEO Tracking 85cm Tri-Band Flyaway Antenna

AvL's 85cm LEO/MEO tracking Ka-band antenna is a transportable, rapid-deploy, tactical terminal with a geared drive for continuous operation. The antennas operate in tandem pairs with make-before-break communications, and are designed to be transported in durable transit cases and to be set-up and on-the-air within two hours.

AvL AAQ Controller

AvL one button auto-acquisition of selected satellites, including peaking and optimization of cross pol. Internal movement detector and automatic stow. Optional hand-held control and separate power supply. Certified for auto-commissioning on most satellite services.

Available Options and Upgrades

  • Vehicle/Trailer Mount, Pole Mount, & Fly & Drive options available
  • Upgrade from 2-Port Ka-Band Commercial (CP or LP): a) 2-Port Ka-Band MIL (CP or LP) (WGS); b) 2-Port Ka-Band Wideband (CP) (WGS and Commercial); c) 2-Port X-Band MIL (CP) (WGS) – Opt. Rx/Tx Reject Filter Kit ; d) 2-Port Ku-Band Mode-Match (LP) (enhanced Cross-Pol comp.); e) 2-Port Ku-Band Precision (LP)
  • Add co-polarization Kit (for 2-port Ku feeds only) - configures Rx and Tx to same polarization sense
  • Add BUC/HPA mounting (NOTE: minimum elevation may be restricted by these options) ) (may require additional case)
  • Upgrade to custom RF/IF I/O cabling configurations available
  • Custom colorization (contact factory for available colors)
  • Add custom logo on reflector face (1- or 2-Color; per AvL Logo Policy)
  • Spare parts kit
  • Tie down kits: Simple stakes or earth anchors, refillable sandbags
More Information
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Antenna Size0.85m
ManufacturerAvL Technologies
Prime FrequencyKu-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band
Input Frequency7.25 - 7.75 GHz, 10.95 - 12.75 GHz, 17.85 - 19.27 GHz, 20.2 - 21.2 GHz
Output Frequency7.9 - 8.4 GHz, 13.75 - 14.5 GHz, 27.65 - 29.07 GHz, 30.0 - 31.0 GHz
Tx GainStd Ka-Band 45.8 dBi, Ka-Band (MIL) 46.5 dBi, X-Band 35.2 dBi, Ku-Band 40.0 dBi
RX GainStd Ka-Band 42.3 dBi, Ka-Band (MIL) 43.2 dBi, X-Band 34.5 dBi, Ku-Band 38.5 dBi
PolarizationLinear Cross Pol, Linear Co-Pol, Circular Pol
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