AvL Technologies 1030-T Tri-Band 1.0m Motorized Flyaway Antenna

  • 1.0M - 1.2M expandable reflector
  • Offset Prime Focus 0.6 f/D
  • Tri-band configurable
  • Airline Checkable Pack-Up
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AvL Technologies 1030-T Multi-Band Tripod 1.0m Motorized Flyaway Antenna

The AvL Technologies 1030-T Tripod Mount 1.0m Motorized Flyaway SNG/Mil Antenna is a tri-band Ka, Ku or X-band antenna system that operates on a compact tripod and packs into two cases. The 1.0m reflector is expandable to 1.2m with attachable segments for X-band communications

AvL 1030-T Features

  • Commercial airline checkable - packs into two cases, each weighs <70 lbs.
  • Enhanced wind tolerance of 45 mph gusting to 60 mph for Ku operation
  • 1.0m segmented 6-piece AvL carbon fiber reflector with optional (1.2m) extender panels
  • Available in Ku (precision or mode-match), X and Ka-band for commercial or military applications
  • Motorized AvL Cable Drive for reliable positioning
  • One button auto-acquisition controller
  • Interfaces with all types of RF electronics and satellite services
  • MIL-STD-188-164A Compliant

Standard Tx/Rx Feed

  • 2-Port Ku Precision (standard Cross-Pol comp.)

Optional Tx/Rx Feeds

  • 2-Port Ku Mode-Match (enhanced Cross-Pol comp.)
  • 2-Port X-Band
  • 2-Port Ka-Band

Polarization Adjustment

  • Ku LP: Motorized/Manual Options
  • Ka CP: Manual, Field-Reversible LH/RH
  • X CP: Manual, Field-Reversible LH/RH

Military Standard

  • MIL-STD-188-164A Compliant

Standard Colorization

  • White, OD Green or Desert Tan (optional colors available)


  • BUC/HPA mounting
  • Optional 75 ohm coax
  • Waveguide interconnect options
  • Beacon receiver – inclined orbit tracking – resolvers/upgrade
  • Grounding options (lightning conductor)
  • Anchoring kit options
  • Custom logo on reflector face (1- or 2-color; per AvL Logo Policy)
  • Controller options – see above
  • Spare parts kit
  • Custom pack-ups
More Information
Weight 140.0000
Country of Manufacture United States
Antenna Size 1.0m, 1.2m
Manufacturer AvL Technologies
Prime Frequency Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band
Input Frequency 7.25 - 7.75 GHz, 10.95 - 12.75 GHz, 20.2 - 21.2 GHz
Output Frequency 7.9 - 8.4 GHz, 13.75 - 14.5 GHz, 30.0 - 31.0 GHz
Tx Gain Ku-Band 41.5 dBi, Ka-Band 47.9 dBi, X-Band 36.8 dBi (less optional filter)
RX Gain Ku-Band 40.0 dBi, Ka-Band 44.6 dBi, X-Band 36.0 dBi (less optional filter)
Polarization Linear Cross Pol, Linear Co-Pol, Circular Pol
Warranty No
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