AvL Technologies 0814 85cm Manual Backpack FlyAway Antenna

  • Single or multi-band options for worldwide operation
  • Prime focus offset optics with global mode-matched feed
  • Robust carbon fiber reflectors and tubes
  • Feed rotation for polarization
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AvL Technologies 0814 85cm Manual Backpack FlyAway Antenna

The AvL Technologies 0814 85cm Manual Backpack FlyAway SNG/Mil Antenna is ultra compact – packing into two airline carry-on compliant nylon backpacks (each < 35 lbs. and 45" girth) – with a robust carbon fiber reflector ithat's rugged enough for operations in harsh conditions. The antenna assembles in 5 minutes.

AvL’s Manual FlyAway Antennas are lightweight, compact, portable, and robust with carbon fiber reflectors and easy-to-assemble tripods. AvL’s Az/El positioners feature easy pointing as well as fine-tuning, and are easy and quick to assemble. As with all AvL antenna systems, the Manual FlyAway Antennas interface with any modem, RF electronics, or satellite service, and achieve pointing accuracy and pointing stability even in the most extreme conditions.

The AvL Technologies 0814 85cm Manual Backpack FlyAway SNG/Mil Antenna offers the following features and benefits:

  • Manual Az/El operation standard – coarse & fine
  • Manual Pol rotation
  • 5-minute set-up
  • Airline carry-on IATA compliant two case pack up

Standard Rx/Tx Feed 2-Port Ku-Band Precision (LP) (standard Cross-Pol comp.)

Optional Rx/Tx Feeds

  • 2-Port Ku-Band Mode-Match (LP) (enhanced Cross-Pol comp.)
  • 2-Port Ka-Band Commercial (CP or LP)**
  • 2-Port Ka-Band MIL (CP or LP) (WGS)
  • 2-Port Ka-Band Wideband (CP) (WGS and Commercial)
  • 2-Port X-Band MIL (CP) (WGS) – Opt. Rx/Tx Reject Filter Kit

Other Options

  • Computer-assisted manual pointing
  • BUC/LNB integration
  • Single case IATA airline checkable pack up

Standard Colorization White reflector; black positioner, boom, feed and tripod

More Information
Country of ManufactureUnited States
Antenna Size0.85m
ManufacturerAvL Technologies
Prime FrequencyKu-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band
Input Frequency7.25 - 7.75 GHz, 10.95 - 12.75 GHz, 17.7 - 20.2 GHz, 20.2 - 21.2 GHz
Output Frequency7.70 - 8.40 GHz, 13.75 - 14.5 GHz, 27.5 - 30.0 GHz, 30.0 - 31.0 GHz
Tx GainKu-Band 40.0 dBi, X-Band 35.2 dBi, Ka-Band (Mil.) 46.5 dBi, Ka-Band (Commercial) 45.9 dBi
RX GainKu-Band 38.5 dBi, X-Band 34.5 dBi, Ka-Band (Mil.) 43.2 dBi, Ka-Band (Commercial) 42.5 dBi
PolarizationLinear Cross Pol, Linear Co-Pol, Circular Pol
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