WORK Microwave Automatic Level Control (ALC) Filter Amplifier

  • Standalone ALC filter amplifier
  • Connect to output of downconverter
  • Maintains operator selected constant output level
  • Front panel and remote monitoring
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WORK Microwave Automatic Level Control (ALC) Filter Amplifier

WORK Microwave now offers ALC filter amplifiers as a stand-alone unit or as an application-specific option within its downconverters. The picture above shows the stand-alone unit.

The input of this unit can be connected to the IF output of the downconverter.

The picture below shows a block diagram of the application-specific ALC filter amplifier. The signal is bandpass filtered on the input as well as on the output. Both bandpass filters are identical.

The overall filter characteristic of the complete unit results from a series connection of the two identical filters, doubling all attenuation values in dB, which means that e.g. a stop-band suppression of 50 dB for one filter results in a overall stop-band suppression for the complete unit of about 100 dB (for the same frequency point).

In between these filters a variable gain stage allows adjustment of the signal level. A small portion of the output signal level is coupled to an RMS detector.

A digitally implemented control algorithm using a microprocessor allows operators to select a specified output level and keeps the output level constant, even if the input signal varies within the allowed level range. The operational parameters of the ALC amplifier can be configured from the front panel processor as well as remotely. Monitoring of the ALC amplifier is also possible from the front panel processor as well as remotely. Besides the main ALC output, an ALC monitor output is available on the rear panel.

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Weight 7.0000
Country of Manufacture Germany
Manufacturer Work Microwave
Input Power 90 - 264 VAC
Warranty 3 Years
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