Teledyne Paradise Datacom 300W C-Band 3RU Rack Height GaN SSPA

  • C-Band 5.85 - 6.425 GHz
  • Power Output 300W Psat 54.8 dBm
  • RF Output Sample Port
  • 20 dB RF Gain Adjustment
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Teledyne Paradise Datacom 300W C-Band 3RU Rack Height GaN SSPA

Teledyne Paradise Datacom has a rich history in the design and production of Gallium Nitride (GaN) based SSPAs. Our engineers utilize innovative linearization techniques that enable GaN amplifiers to produce linear output power with the same efficiency as tube based amplifier systems. A complete family of Satcom amplifiers has been developed that cover S-Band through Ku-Band.

GaN amplifiers have a superior set of mutually beneficial characteristics, including:

  • Higher Output Power
  • Greater Power-Added Efficiency
  • High Reliability

These GaN amplifier modules are installed in the popular 3RU (5.25 inch high) Chassis, which features a front panel display and five fault condition LEDs that reflect some of the SSPA major fault states. Local/Remote and Mute/Unmute LEDs show the current control mode and mute state of the amplifier.

A full compliment of remote monitor and control of the amplifier is available at the rear panel, including: RS-232/RS-485; Ethernet, with UDP and SNMP control; Web Browser TCP/IP; and Discrete hardware (parallel port) signals.


  • Extremely High Power Density:
        to 600 W S-Band
        to 800 W X-Band
        to 800 W C-Band
        to 500 W Ku-Band
  • Removable Fan Tray and M&C Card Assembly
  • Remote Communication via RS232/485 or Ethernet
  • RF Output Sample Port
  • 20 dB RF Gain Adjustment
  • True RF Output Power Measurement
  • Built-in Maintenance Switch Controller


  • Remote Control Panel
  • L-Band Input operation
  • Reflected Power Monitor
  • Input Sample Port
  • 1RU N+1 Power Supply
  • Exhaust Duct Adapters
  • Redundant Systems
  • Phase Combined Systems


1RU N+1 Redundant Power Supply

The combination of a separate, fully redundant power supply is an excellent means of obtaining the ultimate in system reliability. The power supply is an N+1 redundant configuration, meaning that there is one more power supply module available than required to operate the SSPA. A failure of one power supply module will not take the amplifier off the air.

L-Band Operation

Teledyne Paradise Datacom amplifiers are available with an integrated L-Band Block Up Converter. L-Band units utilize Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s proprietary zBUC technology. The addition of a zBUC® converter to the SSPA typically increases the gain by 2-4 dB. The advantages of zBUC technology include:

  • zBUC converter can detect and switch to an extenally supplied reference.
  • Optional internal high stability (10MHz) reference.
  • zBUC converter can lock to an externally supplied reference of 10 or 50 MHz.
  • zBUC converter can accept a wide range of external reference power (-10 to +5 dBm).

Redundant and Phase Combined Systems

Teledyne Paradise Datacom’s 3RU Rack Mount SSPAs can be configured in a variety of redundant and phase combined configurations.

  • 1:1 Redundant System with Internal Redundancy Control
  • 1:1 Redundant System with RCP2-1100 Redundant System Controller
  • 1:1 Fixed Phase Combined System with FPRC-1100 Phase Combined System Controller
  • 1:2 Redundant System with Internal Redundancy Control
  • 1:2 Redundant System with RCP2-1200 Redundant System Controller
  • 1:2 Fixed Phase Combined System with FPRC-1200 Phase Combined System Controller

System Output Power Capacity

Due to residual losses inherent in redundant system configurations (waveguide bends; switch and coupler losses), reduce the typical output power specification of a single amplifier by approximately 0.2 dB for 1:1 and by 0.4 dB for 1:2 systems.

In phase combined systems, these same losses result in slightly less than the ideal addition of 3 dB to the output power of a single HPA unit. For 1:1 phase combined systems, the typical additive output power is approximately 2.70 dB above the output power of a single HPA. For 1:2 phase combined systems, the typical additive output power is approximately 2.50 dB above the output power of a single HPA.

Actual system losses will vary based on the system options.

System Controllers

The RCP2/FPRC-1100/1200 system controller provides an extremely user friendly interface for complete monitor and control of the amplifier system.

RCP2-1100 Redundant System Controller

The front panel mimic display shows the on-line amplifiers and the switch positions. Fault lights are provided for easy identification of system status. All system monitor and control is available locally at the front panel LCD display, as well as remotely by the RS232, RS485, or Ethernet interface ports. Audible alarms and a full compliment of parallel I/O signal are available at the rear panel of the controller.

More Information
Weight 104.0000
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Teledyne Paradise Datacom
Prime Frequency C-Band
Amplifier Type GaN SSPA
Rated Output Power 300W
Power Rating Method PSAT
Input Frequency 4.5 - 4.8 GHz, 5.85 - 6.425 GHz, 5.85 - 6.725 GHz
LO Frequency 4.8 GHz, 4.9 GHz, 5.475 GHz, 5.75 GHz, 6.950 GHz
Output Frequency 5.850 - 6.425 GHz, 5.850 - 6.650 GHz, 5.85 - 6.725 GHz, 5.85 - 7.025 GHz
Output Interface CPR137 Waveguide
Input Power 90 - 260 VAC
Dimensions 19.0 x 5.22 x 24.13
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