Teledyne Paradise Datacom 4RU Rack Mount X-Band SSPAs

  • X-Band 7.90 to 8.40 GHz
  • Ext. X-Band 7.70 to 8.40 GHz
  • Ext. X-Band 7.50 to 8.50 GHz
  • Power Output to 500W
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4RU Compact Rack Mount X-Band SSPAs

The Paradise Datacom 4RU Indoor Rack Mount Series SSPA represent the latest in High Power Microwave Amplifier Technology.

The SSPA chassis achieves the highest power density in the industry along with enhanced maintainability.

Local, front panel, control is available with a user friendly interface. Five fault condition LEDs on left side of the front panel reflect some of the SSPA major faults states, plus a summary fault indicator. The SSPA online LED turns green when the amplifier is in Online mode (1:1 Mode) or serves as an AC power indicator in standalone mode. Local/Remote and Mute/Unmute LEDs show the current control mode and mute state of the amplifier.

A full compliment of serial and parallel (contact closure) control is also available from the rear panel. Paradise Datacom's WindowsTM-based Universal M&C software allows monitor and control of the SSPA from a remote computer.

A state of the art thermal platform provides efficient cooling for the amplifier module and power supplies. This ensures the highest possible MTBFs for microwave power amplifiers.

Along with high reliability comes the ultimate in amplifier maintainability. Amplifier modules and power supplies are easily accessed making this one of the easiest amplifier assemblies to maintain in the field.

CRM Features

  • Extremely High Power Density:
    • S Band to 600W ;
    • C Band to 600W;
    • X Band to 500W ;
    • Ku Band to 250W
  • Removable Fan Trays
  • Removable M&C Card
  • RF Output Sample Port (-40 dB)
  • RF Gain Adjustment 55 dB - 75 dB
  • Universal, Power Factor Corrected Power Supply
  • Built-in 1:1 Redundancy Control


  • Chassis:
    • 19.0 X 7.0 X 28.0 in
    • 483 X 178 X 711 mm
    • 75 lbs. / 34 kg;
    • 100 lbs. / 45 kg
    • for units > 250W
  • Gray powder coat finish
  • Operating temperature:
    • 0 to +50°C

Redundant Power Supply Option

The combination of a separate +12 VDC output, fully redundant power supply is an excellent means of obtaining the ultimate system reliability.

The power supply is an N+1 redundant configuration meaning that there is one more power supply module available than is required to operate the SSPA. A failure of one power supply module will not take the amplifier off-the-air.

In addition the power supply modules are removable from the front panel while in operation. There is never a need to remove the power supply chassis from the equipment rack. Weighing only 9 lbs. (4 kg) and occupying only 1 rack unit of cabinet space, the redundant power supply chassis is an excellent companion to the SSPA chassis.

The power supply has a single phase, universal AC input ranging from 90-265 VAC, 47-63 Hz. It is power factor corrected to 0.99. Depending on the power requirements of the SSPA, the power supply is configured with two, three or four 1200W hot-swappable modules, each of which weighs 5 lbs. (2.3 kg).

More Information
Country of ManufactureUnited States
ManufacturerTeledyne Paradise Datacom
Prime FrequencyX-Band
Amplifier TypeGaAs SSPA
Rated Output Power60W, 76W, 100W, 140W, 200W, 250W, 354W, 500W
Power Rating MethodPSAT
Input Frequency950 - 1450 MHz
LO Frequency6.950 GHz
Output Frequency7.9 - 8.4 GHz
Output InterfaceWR112 Waveguide
Input Power90 - 265 VAC, 180 - 265 VAC
Dimensions19.0" X 7.0" X 28.0" (483 X 178 X 711 cm)
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