Comtech EF Data MBT-4000 Multi-Band RF Transceiver

  • Easy expansion
  • Flexible configuration
  • Minimal cost for a complete system
  • RF band switching in minimal time
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Comtech EF Data MBT-4000 Multi-Band RF Transceiver

Comtech EF Data's MBT-4000 Multi-Band RF Transceiver is designed to perform C, X, or Ku RF to L-Band down conversion and L-Band to C, X, or Ku RF up conversion. Additionally, the MBT-4000 provides the following features:

  • RF band switching in minimal time without requiring tools
  • Minimal cost for a complete system including spares
  • Easy expansion for providing a redundant system or other frequency bands
  • Rugged construction for mobile and transportable applications
  • Automatic band identification for the BUC, BDC, and antenna feed (if the feeds provide an identifying connector)
  • Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-188-164A
  • Low phase noise
  • No spectral inversion
  • 10 dB gain adjustment
  • Auto band sensing capability
  • Easy system status verification via LEDs located behind a removable cover
  • 1:1 redundant up and down conversion which can be “Chain switched” with external amplifiers and LNA/LNBs

System Overview

The transceiver is constructed in a modular configuration. Common to the configuration for any frequency band of operation is a base module, which provides the M&C, Power Supply, and Reference function. Band-specific BUC and BDC modules can be quickly mounted to the base module with clip type fasteners. BUC and BDC modules for other bands and spares for all modules are stored in a transit case until needed.

Installation and Operation

The Common Module may be near or on the antenna. The band specific BUC and BDC is latched into place on top of the Common Module (M&C, Power Supply, and Reference). The cables to the antenna and the IDU complete the installation. To change the band of operation the cables to the BUC and BDC are removed and the clips released to allow the removal and replacement of the BUC/BDC with appropriate band- specific modules.

LNB Support

The MBT 4000B provides a cost effective solution where LNB performance is sufficient. The base unit provides bias and a 10 MHz reference for the OMT mounted LNB. The LNB amplifies and translates a band specific input frequency block (C band or one of three Ku bands) down to L-Band in the 950 to 2000 MHz range. Because of the design of the MBT 4000B base unit, neither DC nor 10MHz are required from the modem.

Block Down Converter (BDC-4000)

The BDC-4000 translates a band specific input frequency block (C, X, or Ku), from the LNA, down to L-Band (950 to 2000 MHz).

BDC-4000C, X, K, Ka
  • C-Band: 3400 to 4200 MHz
  • X-Band: 7250 to 7750 MHz
  • Ku-Band: 10.95 to 12.75
  • Ka-Band: 20.20 to 21.20 GHz, 17.70 to 18.70 GHz, 18.70 to 19.20 GHz, 19.20 to 20.20 GHz, 19.70 to 20.45 GHz (1100 to 1850 GHz
  • "No spectral inversion for X-, Ku-, and Ka-Band, selectable inversion for inverted C-Band Block Down Converter when part of DCS 4000 system."

    • 10 dB gain adjustment

    Block Up Converter (BUC-4000)

    The BUC-4000 translates the LBC-4000 L-Band output carrier to the desired output frequency(C, X, Ku 950 to 2000 MHz or Ka: 1000 to 2000 MHz) with an output level capable of driving an HPA.

    BUC-4000C, X, Ku, Ka
  • C-Band: 5850 to 6650 MHz
  • X-Band: 7900 to 8400 MHz
  • Ku-Band: 13.75 to 14.50 GHz
  • Ka-Band: 30.00 to 31.00 GHz, 27.50 - 28.50 GHz, 28.50 - 29.50 GHz, 29.50 - 30.10 GHz, 29.10 - 30.25 GHz
  • Typical Tx / Rx Redundant System

    (1:2 splitters/combiners may be substituted for the L-Band Input/Output switches.)

    More Information
    Country of Manufacture United States
    Manufacturer Comtech EF Data
    Input Power 90 - 260 VAC
    Prime Frequency C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band, X-Band
    Warranty No
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