AnaCom pBUC 8W - 50W Ku-Band Block Upconverters

  • Reduced dependence on external test equipment
  • No indoor RF equipment is needed
  • Superior phase noise
  • Flexible, universal DC power supply (AC optional)
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AnaCom pBUC 8W - 50W Ku-Band Block Upconverter

AnaCom's Ku-Band pBUC Block Up-Converters provide the high output power reliability of our Baby BUC in a flatter package ideal for mobile and fly-away antennas, even in situations involving extreme temperatures and high vibrations. pBUCs are designed for continuous outdoor duty in all types of harsh environments. Ideally suited for SCPC, MCPC, DAMA, TDMA, and VoIP applications and designed to interface with any L-band modem, the pBUC may be used in a wide variety of communication networks.

AnaCom's pBUC features web-based and command-line access to Monitor and Control functions accessible via Ethernet, FSK, Telnet, RS-232- and RS-485, and device monitoring over SNMP.

pBUC Features

  • Built in test capabilities for improved maintainability and reduced dependence on external test equipment
  • No indoor RF equipment is needed
  • Superior phase noise
  • Flexible, universal DC power supply (AC optional)

Built In Test Capability

To improve and simplify maintenance routines, an external terminal (or computer) can be connected to monitor a number of critical parameters without use of additional test equipment. These include:

  • Transmitter power output level
  • TX IF level
  • Power supply voltages
  • TX synthesizer loop voltages
  • Internal Temperature
  • Alarm Details

Controllable functions from the terminal include:

  • TX On/Off
  • TX Gain


  • “Last Touch” controls allow for remote configuration or local (manual) configuration
  • Flash memory means that the BUC always powers up with exactly the same operating conditions as when it lost power (or was shut down)
  • Comprehensive maintenance features for operational effectiveness and minimum outages.
  • Simple installation.

Comprehensive Monitor & Control

The pBUC's Monitor & Control feature allows you to monitor and control the BUC on the same M&C bus with most indoor equipment such as modems and multiplexers. The Monitor & Control system can be used in combination with the unit’s internal metering function to monitor operational parameters.

The M&C can be accessed remotely via-
Ethernet protocols:

  • Internal Webpage
  • Telnet
  • SNMP
  • AnaCom Supervisor 10
Serial protocols:
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • AnaCom Supervisor 10

Compact, Functional Design

The upconverter, power amplifier, monitor and control and power supply are included in a single enclosure. The only cabling required to the indoor equipment are IF and power. An optional ovenized, high stability crystal oscillator can be used to lock the TX synthesizer. Additional temperature and aging compensation are provided by an onboard microprocessor.

More Information
Weight 15.9000
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Anacom
Prime Frequency Ku-Band
Amplifier Type GaAs SSPA
Rated Output Power 8W, 16W, 25W, 32W, 40W, 50W
Power Rating Method P1dB
Input Frequency 950 - 1450 MHz, 950 - 1700 MHz
LO Frequency 12.800 GHz, 13.050 GHz
Output Frequency 13.75 - 14.25 GHz, 13.75 - 14.5 GHz, 14.0 - 14.5 GHz
Input Power 48 VDC
Power Consumption 8W 111 VA, 16W 189 VA, 25W 256 VA, 32W 266 VA, 40W 372 VA, 50W 392 VA
Dimensions 12.6" x 10.3" x 4.4"
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