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Amb-OS Media AMR-100I Internet Only Receiver

Featured Description:
  • Reliable, guaranteed delivery
  • High audio quality
  • Play back files on a schedule
  • Get only the programs you should receive
  • Please contact sales for availability at sales@satcomresources.com or 866-SATCOM-1

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    Amb-OS Media AMR-100I Internet Only Receiver

    The AMR-100I is the Ethernet only version of the AMBOS receiver.

    AMR-100 Advantages

    • It is the preferred program delivery method for Christian radio
    • Programs can be live or recorded
    • The Amb-0S user interface allows station personnel to easily select programs for broadcast
    • Every program requires authorization, allowing program providers to know which stations are authorized to receive their content
    • Recorded files or live streams can be tracked through the receiver to provide proof of reception by station
    • Program providers can easily customize market-specific broadcasts with individualized station IDs at no additional cost
    • Program customizations and substitutions can be done transparently and without station involvement
    • AMR-100 can interface with a variety of automation systems, allowing for ultimate flexibility for stations
    • Receivers use either satellite or internet to maintain connectivity
    • Internet connectivity is a built-in backup in case of satellite outages
    • Generally, AMR-100 receivers are provided to qualifying stations at no cost
    • Free 24/7 technical support is available to both program providers and stations
    • More than 850 AMR-100 receivers are currently deployed and over 1,050 hours of audio are transmitted from Amb-0S each month

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