WORK Microwave Handheld Satcom Test Source

  • Single and two tone output
  • Step size 0.5 MHz
  • Low system intermodulation
  • Power via internal battery, USB or Ext. SMPS
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WORK Microwave Handheld Satcom Test Source

The WORK Microwave Handheld Satcom Test Source is an easy to  use all-in-one test instrument that eliminates the need for several independent test sources. It is the ideal solution for the following applications:

  • Signal source for measurement of different parameters of satellite upconverters, including intermodulation, 1 dB compression point, and conversion gain
  • Ordinary low phase noise dual carrier signal generator
  • Combined source for block upconverters (L-band, 10 MHz and 24 V DC)

WORK Microwave Handheld Satcom Test Source Key Features

  • Single and two tone output
  • 50 MHz to 180 MHz and 950 MHz to 2150 MHz output frequency
  • Step size 0.5 MHz
  • -45 dBm to -5 dBm output power / 0.5 dB step size
  • Both synthesizers independently adjustable in frequency and power
  • Low system intermodulation
  • 10 MHz reference output with adjustable power
  • Remote control via USB using PC software (GUI) supplied together with the device
  • Power supply options: internal battery, USB or external SMPS

Product Design

The Test Source consists of a single main module, which contains the RF section, the reference   section and the power supply. The internal lithium ion battery is directly connected to the main module.

RF and reference section

The main parts of the RF section are the two low spurious PLL synthesizers. The synthesizers use a high stable internal reference of 10 MHz to generate a frequency  from  50  MHz  to  180  MHz  and  from  950 MHz to 2150 MHz with a step size of 0.5 MHz. Each signal is filtered by a frequency depended low pass filter before it is amplified and attenuated by a high dynamic attenuator to reach the desired output level in the range of  -45 dBm  to -5 dBm  (step size: 0.5 dB).

To create a two tone signal at the RF output, the two single tone signals are combined by a wideband power combiner. The output signal can be muted as well as each synthesizer. In addition to a two tone signal, a 10 MHz  reference,  adjustable  in  power  (-10 dBm to 10 dBm, 0.5 dB steps) and a 24 V DC signal can be switched to the RF out port.

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Weight 4.0000
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Manufacturer Work Microwave
Input Power 24 VDC
Warranty 3 Years
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