Adtec DTA3050 Digital Turn Around Router

  • 10 copper ASI Inputs
  • ASI, Ethernet and Smpte 310 outputs
  • SPTS, MPTS inputs and outputs
  • PID remapping and Table Processing
  • DVB-CSA and BISS encryption
  • AES conditional access encryption
  • Flexible configuration and control
  • DTV Electronic Program Guide
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Adtec DTA3050 Digital Turn Around Router

Digital television service operators wishing to aggregate and process MPEG, ATSC, Digicypher, or DVB based services for traditional (satellite, cable, terrestrial) services will find the DTA ideal. It boasts 10 ASI inputs. Each supporting wire speed, a three-way mirrored ASI output, GIGE, and optional SMPTE-310. Redundancy for ASI and SMPTE-310 is supported with an intelligent built in relay-bypassed switch. The ADTEC DTA-3050 is IPTV and BBTV ready today, it supports multicast and unicast configurations including SPTS/UDP, MPTS/UDP, MPEG and DVB tables. Encryption support includes DVB-CSA with Ethernet Simylcrypt, AES for use with Simylcrypt compatible Conditional Access management Servers (CAS) vendors. The DTA 3050 is ideal for traditional and next generation television networks.

DTA-3050 Features

Conditional Access
The DTA-3050 provides DVB-CSA and BISS encryption and AES conditional access encrypt capabilities. DVB-CSA encryption is available as fixed key BISS or Simulcrypt based interfaces compatible with most major DVB-CSA CAS vendors. AES encryption includes support for Adtec's OST for Transport and Verimatrix VCAS for residential set top and computer-based decryption.

Aggregation of ASI, or IP based SPTS or MPTS services
The DTA-3050 provides ten ASI input ports enabling it to aggregate locally encoded SPTS or re-muxed MPTS from encoders, receivers, video servers or other devices providing MPEG 2 Transport via ASI and IP, or SMPTE310 and IP.

Gigabit Ethernet distribution of digital television services includes MPTS, SPTS over UDP for Set Top, or computer decoding and MPTS over UDP for bundled distribution (Digital Simulcast).

Three port mirrored ASI output interface provides integration with traditional distribution methods including Cable, Satellite, and Terrestrial.

An optional 2 port mirrored SMPTE-310 output interface provides integration with ATSC distribution.

Flexible Configuration & Control
Controlling and configuring the DTA-3050 is easy. Whether using the integrated front panel keypad and LCD, Terminal or remote Web page interface.

DTV Electronic Program Guide
Create and upload your own program listings for distribution over ATSC, DVB, and IPTV applications using our web-hosted DTVGuide electronic program guide generator service. A very economical way to instantly begin sending EIT data, DTVGuide requires no additional equipment when paired with the DTA and its built-in EIT injection carousel. The DTA fetches EIT data which has been uploaded to DTVGuide over the internet, and immediately begins to inject the data into the transport stream.

Options & Accessories

DTA-ASI-KEY: The DTA-3050 comes standard with 5 unlocked ASI ports. Additional ports (up to 5 more) can be unlocked for use by purchasing a DTA-ASI-KEY.

DVB-CSA: Encryption Algorithm feature for DTA's. Capable of encrypting 210 Mbs and is supported via ASI and IP egress.

DVB-AES: AES Scrambling Algorithm feature for DTA's. Capable of encrypting 210 Mbs. Used for IPTV with Verimatrix server.

DTVGUIDE: Cloud based EIT scheduler and delivery service with over 100 networks providing FREE content for use by all DTA customers. Upload your own listings using convenient and intiutive templates, or pass through data from media service providers.

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Country of ManufactureUnited States
Input Power100 - 240 VAC
Warranty1 Year
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