About Us

Satcom Resources has been one of the top technology resellers in the business for nearly 20 years. From day one, our mission was simple. Provide a better way to buy satcom equipment.

About Satcom Resources

Choosing the right technology to build the best networks for your customers is harder than ever. Requirements change. The competitive environment is confusing. There’s too much marketing hype around the latest and greatest network gear. Sometimes the best solutions aren’t public.

It all boils down to this: How can you be sure you’re building a smart network with the most revenue upside right now, and down the road? With no trade offs between best price and best quality. .

It’s not just about measuring speeds and feeds anymore. Not a simple cost and features comparison exercise. It’s about gaining the advantage to move your business to the next level.

We’re a one-source knowledge and strategy base camp. Every supply, every piece of equipment you need … and the most experienced, field-tested guides ready and able to not only simplify the process and point you in the right direction… but lead you there.

We’ll help you gain a clearer perspective on your current opportunities and priorities. Anticipate demand and map out a plan centered on real business value. You get ahead of innovation so you can confidently lead your customers forward.

As a company, we’ve been called a “small giant”. As satcom pros we’ve made a pretty big footprint all over the map installing, testing and benchmarking, systems from South Korea to South America. We’re a band of passionate, intrepid satellite communications and logistics experts. We thrive on collaboration. And we thrive on the thrill (and fun) of solving problems.

For starters, we get the big picture. We know the technology terrain from 30,000 feet, and through one-on-one relationships with most every equipment vendor.

We know every competitive product inside and out. How they work in the real world. Pros and cons, hits and misses, lifecycles. We see the thinking behind product roadmaps while they’re still in the works. We know the people behind the products and who the up and commers are, and where the genuine innovation is coming from. So you get honest, unbiased product info and recommendations straight from us, no hype.

We’ve got a good sense of what’s around the corner, and how to avoid wrong turns. We’ll help you gain a clear perspective on your current opportunities and priorities.

Let's Talk, before you place your next order with us. We’ll ask the right questions, take a good look at where you are today, and where we believe you can deliver greater value tomorrow.

Let’s draw up a plan. We’ll point you toward the solutions with the biggest upside. A smart strategy that let’s you claim a more consultative lead role with every customer.

Let’s get it done, together. We can provide all the legwork and expertise to design the right network from the ground up – everything from configuration, installation and optimization to long-term monitoring and maintenance for peak performance.

Today we’re helping service providers find their best route forward to the technology that can maximize the value of every network.

Fred Pope

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