About Satcom Resources

Satcom Resources specializes in commercial satellite communications solutions. With an emphasis on equipment, we sell complete systems, parts, and engineer end-to-end solutions. We take a systems approach to everything we do whether it is the ordering process, the logistics process, or the shopping process.


Founded in 2000, we made the INC Magazine list of fastest growing small private companies 5 years in a row. Today, we’re less focused on the top line that earns you awards like that and more focused on building a really great company. Satcom Resources is a small privately held company and driven by customer and employee satisfaction and doing the right thing.

Quality Bias

We have a bias towards quality because nowhere else is it more evident than in the world of Satellite Communications just how free quality is. Slightly cleaner RF could result in a step in terms of a Mod/Cod that would earn you an extra 7% throughput or that extra reliability could save you a trip to a site that may be located in a not so fun or easy to get to place.

Engineering expertise

Sidelobe performance, phase noise, two tone-intermodulation, spectral efficiency, latency, overhead. These are all the details on a product that require inputs into a complex equation that ultimately will result in a cost per bit, or what we like to call a payload cost. Satellite is about moving bits from point A to point B. We help our customers understand the true payload cost of their transport, and advise them on where to most effectively spend their dollar.

Sophisticated Logistics

A big part of our business is getting things reliably and safely from point A to point B. We located our warehouses strategically at the major logistics hubs to ensure the fastest and most reliable transit times at the lowest costs. The bulk of our equipment is colacated with medical devices so you can literally eat off of the floor and right at the end of the runway for FedEx's major hub in Memphis, Tennessee.

E-Business Leaders

From day one, we started with a database and today we continue to lead the way with some of the most sophisticated information systems in the industry as it relates to e-business. Customers that have a history with us can review 9 years of transactions, we have true B2B e-commerce systems complete with PCI compliance in a responsive platform that works across any device, and stored on CDNs globally for speed. We’ve been working on our latest revision for over three years, and it will provide the platform for our next set of innovations. Our systems are custom tailored to the unique needs of the problems we are facing, and we use it and update it ourselves everyday.