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Terrasat 250W Outdoor Power Supply

SKU TERR-PSUI-948-0250S-4
UPC CODE: PSUI-948-0250S-4
Manufacturer: Terrasat
Featured Description:
  • Weatherproof outdoor enclosure
  • Eliminates long DC cable runs
  • Mounting kits for single & 1+1 configs
  • Separate modules for PS and IBUC
  • Please contact sales for availability at sales@satcomresources.com or 866-SATCOM-1

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    Terrasat 250W Outdoor iBUC Power Supply

    The Terrasat 250W Outdoor BUC Power Supply is for IBUCs to 25W C-Band, 16W Ku-Band, 10W DBS-Band, 10W Ka-Band, and 25W X-Band.

    Outdoor Power Supply Features

    • Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure.
    • Eliminates expense of long DC Cable runs.
    • Mounting kits for single and 1+1 systems avail-able.
    • Choice of 250 W, 600 W, 1,000 W and 1,200 W power supplies to support all Terrasat IBUCs.
    • Separate modules for Power Supply and IBUC simplify maintenance.

    Terrasat’s Outdoor BUC Power Supplies run on AC mains power and provide 48 VDC nominal power to the IBUC through a multi-conductor 16 AWG cable.

     Power Supplies are packaged in environmentally protected outdoor enclosures. The form factor is compatible with Terrasat’s universal mounting bracket.

     Terrasat provides the detachable AC input connector, an Amphenol C01620 D003 110 12. The DC output connector type is a circular MS-type compatible. 

    Terrasat provides a connectorized 5-foot (1.5 m) DC cable to go between the PSUI and the IBUC. A 10-foot (3 m) alternate is an available option. 

    Outdoor Power Supplies provide 48 VDC power for Terrasat IBUC’s through 200 W C-band, 175 W X-band, 80 W Ku-band, 25 W Ka-band, and 25 W DBS-band. 

    Simple, plug-and-play installation requires no on-site configuration.

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