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Skyware Global XR3 Universal VSAT Transceiver

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  • Supports all known modems
  • Selectable Ku-outbound sub-band
  • Ultra High Stability PLL receiver
  • Selectable Int/Ext reference


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Out of Stock

Polarization Diplexer (OMT)
Common Port ConnectorC120 18.5 mm Circular-WG flange (not grooved)
XPD on Common Port



35 dB (min) 40 dB (typical)

30 dB (min)
Tx Sub-System (BUC with External Reference)
IF Input Frequency Range950 - 1450 MHz
RF Output Frequency Range14.00 - 14.50 GHz
Local Oscillator Frequency (nominal)13.05 GHz
Deviation within operational Conditions and Lifetimeppm (dependent on External Reference)
Local Oscillator External Reference Input

    Frequency (Nominal)

    Input Level

    Return Loss

10 MHz Sine Wave, Capture Range ±15 ppm

-10 dBm (min) 5 dBm (max)

-10 dB (min)
RF Output Power

    Linear Service - 1 dB Gain P1db

    Including Variation over Frequency, Templ and Lifetime

34.5 dBm typical on OMT common port


33.5 dBm minimum
RF Output Return Loss8 dB linear operation
IF Input Drive Power

    Nominal Operation

    No Damage Level

-19 dBm typical

+5 dBm minimum
IF impedance (nominal)75 O
IF Input Return Loss10 dB
IF Input ConnectorF-type receptacle
Supply Voltage 15 - 30 V
Supply Current1.0 - 1.3 A
Weight1600 grams
Operating Temperature-40 to 55° C
Moisture/Humidity Protection IP67

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