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Satellite Installation Service for 2.4M VSAT - CONUS

Manufacturer: Satcom Resources

Please contact sales for availability at sales@satcomresources.com or 866-SATCOM-1

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2.4M VSAT Installation Service


In our world it’s all about uptime and availability. Getting you on the air quickly and keeping you there, reliably over time is what our professional VSAT installation service can do for you.


Our installation team has over 25 years of successfully installing VSAT systems of all sizes, shapes, makes and models. From a single SCPC terminal to large scale TDMA network roll-out, you can count on our experienced team to complete your installation with precision and efficiency.


2.4M VSAT installation service can be used with new, customer furnished equipment (CFE) or bundled a with a complete VSAT terminal provided by Satcom Resources. For CFE, a complete bill of materials must be submitted to our installation team for readiness check prior to scheduling the installation.


The 2.4M VSAT antenna and mount is a medium size system with individual parts that weight over 50 lbs. that cannot fit through typical roof hatch. Roof loading of equipment may require a crane or hydraulic lift. Machine rental can be sourced from local provider and scheduled by our installation team.



Description of services


Non-Penetrating Roof Mount (2.4NPRM)

Supply labor and material, including proper amount of required ballast, to assemble, point and proof a customer furnished (CFE) 2.4 Meter receive/transmit antenna system at designated sites. The antenna shall be mounted in place via a customer furnished (CFE) mount on the customer's roof providing for a clear line of site to the designated satellite.  Route and connect up to 250 ft. of customer furnished (CFE) coax cable from the antenna to the indoor receiving electronics and standard drilling (up to 2) through walls or floors as required to pass cable and includes patching, resealing and drilling.  The outdoor F-type cable connector and cable entry point shall be properly sealed against weather. Antenna point, peak and pol with the customer NOC and run a successful on-line test with the end-user to verify proper system operation. All installations will be properly grounded per customer specifications.  Installer will complete the on-site customer QA Checklist and forward, complete with required photos, to customer if required. Service region is CONUS.



Wall Mount (2.4WM)

Installation service shall include materials and labor specified in the above Section (1.8MWM)., utilizing a customer supplied wall mount to secure a 2.4 Meter antenna on a customer's building. All installations will be properly grounded per customer specifications. The customer's site shall provide for a mountable wall, which will provide a clear line of site to the designated satellite.


Pole Mount (2.4PM)

Installation service shall include labor and material to form and pour a concrete mast foundation and secure in place a schedule 40 mounting pole, per manufacturer’s specifications, at a customer approved location providing a clear line of site to the designated satellite. All installations will be properly grounded per customer specifications. Installation of cable, conduit and connectors shall be as specified in the preceding Section 2.4NPRM.


*Additional requirements that fall outside the scope of a standard installation are considered exceptions and will be quoted and billed as separate line items. Please contact your Satcom Resources sales representative to review your installation requirements and request a quote.

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