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Calian Decimator D4 Portable Spectrum Analyzer

SKU SED D4 Portable Spectrum Analyzer
UPC CODE: D4 Portable
Manufacturer: Calian
Featured Description: See datasheet for full specs.
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Calian Portable Decimator D4 Spectrum & Signal Analyzer

The Multi-Port Decimator D4 is a fourth generation spectrum measurement and signal analyzer unit with several built- in features like carrier monitoring, cross-pol measurements and DVB S/S2/S2X signal demodulation and signal analysis. The HTML5-based user interface allows the D4 to be operated from all browsers and on all platforms including Android and IOS devices. With a powerful internal dual-core processor, D4 uses state of the art digital technology and Fast Fourier transformations to perform fast and accurate measurements.


The Portable Decimator D4 is a fourth generation spectrum measurement and analysis product providing high-end performance at a low price. It’s conveniently packaged for use by field technologists or it can be installed anywhere in satellite, cable or terrestrial wireless networks.

The Portable Decimator D4 is a small enclosure easily transported in a typical laptop case. It can be connected to any AC power source worldwide. The powerful GUI is available using any standard web browser.

The Portable Decimator D4 uses state of the art digital technology and Fast Fourier Transformations to make fast and accurate measurements. With a very low noise floor and large dynamic range, it is well-suited to measure any type of satellite, cable or terrestrial wireless carrier, including very small carriers, beacon signals and for carrier monitoring applications.

The Portable Decimator D4 accepts all signals from 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz and input power levels ranging from –110 to +5 dBm. RBW varies from 1 Hz to 15 MHz.

The Portable Decimator D4 can be connected to an external 10 MHz reference for improved frequency accuracy and stability. All data communications with the Portable Decimator D4 occurs via its built-in Ethernet port. No additional software is required.

The GUI is very easy to use and operates like most traditional spectrum analyzers. It provides user selectable colors for markers and traces, allows storage of multiple traces and provides measurement reporting.

The Decimator D4 also includes a powerful built-in Carrier Monitoring function, which provides notification via email or SNMP of carrier measurements that exceed user-defined thresholds, offering you peace of mind that up to 100 of your carriers are operating as expected.

The signal analysis engine demodulates and decodes the MPEG transport stream based DVB-S/S2/S2X signal and provides signal characteristics, modulation accuracy, power measurements and constellation display to view the digital modulation quality. Conveniently transports in a standard laptop case.


  • Covers full satellite L-Band plus cable and wireless bands from 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz
  • Built-in Carrier Monitoring
  • External 10 MHz reference or internal reference
  • Web browser
  • Small enclosure
  • Connects to AC power worldwide
  • Custom design versions supporting other frequency bands or form factors available upon request
  • Optional "Spectator" option

Physical Interfaces
  • SMA, 50 ohms
  • Control: RJ-45
  • Reference: BNC, 50 ohms
  • External AC adapter with IEC 60320
  • Mechanical: 2.3"H x 6.9"W x 9.5"D (3.6 lbs.)

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