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General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Model 7134 Antenna Control System

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  • Real-time position readout
  • Multiple control modes
  • User friendly edit mode
  • Internal self-diagnostics


Control Modes
Manual Jog positioning controls for each axis, including 2-speed AZ and EL control, provides fast and accurate “on-the-fly” positioning. Manual track “jump” mode allows rapid positioning to a set of direct-entry coordinates.
Target Track Automatic positioning via manual command, to any of 50 pre-programmed look-angle sets.
Program Track Automatic sequential positioning to as many as 99 time-tagged pre-programmed look-angle sets over a one week period
Adaptive Step Track Automatic positioning based on optimization of a proportional tracking voltage input. Adaptive nature of Step Track algorithm provides improved performance with inclined orbit satellites.
Enhanced Memory Track Automatic positioning based on a twentyfour hour orbit table built with data from Step Track. This provides the ability to track satellites when the beacon signal is unavailable.
Intelsat Track Automatic tracking to AZ and EL coordinate sets calculated internally from Intelsat 11 parameter coefficients and site latitude and longitude data.
Typical Specifications
Tracking Accuracy Better than 10% of receive beamwidth, RMS, for beamwidths ≥ 0.3° and in applications with orbit inclinations of up to 5° (orbit inclination ≤ 9 x 3 dB beamwidth).
Position Encoding Absolute, single-speed brushless (size-11) resolvers and LSI resolver-todigital conversion IC’s (4 volt, 2500 Hz reference signal).
Position Encoding Resolution 16-bit (.0055°) internal resolution

0.01° front panel display resolution for AZ and EL angles
Absolute Position Encoding Accuracy 0.05° RMS (Standard)
Position Encoding Repeatability 0.01°
Input Power Requirements Drive Cabinet: 208-240 or 380-415 VAC, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, 5-wire WYE. Current requirements determined by motor horsepower.

ACU: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, auto-sensing

* Other line voltage interfaces available per specification.
Horsepower Range 1/2 to 10 HP (Others available per special order).
ACU Tracking Dual 0-10 VDC analog inputs, slope 1.0 V/dB to 0.1 V/dB
Receiver Interface Contact closure outputs for selecting up to 4 tracking signals.
Remote Communications Interface RS-232 or RS-422 serial communications for remote monitor and control.
Summary Alarm Output Normally closed dry contacts, rated 24 VDC at 1 amp.
Required System Interconnect Cabling

(May be provided by GDST or CFE)
- ACU/Drive cabinet Interface (1) 25/C, #22 AWG

- Resolver/ACU (2) 3-shielded pair, #22 AWG (2-axis systems)

- (3) 3-shielded pair, #22 AWG (3-axis systems)

* System includes 100 feet of interconnect cabling

* Additional cabling available up to a max. length of 500 ft.
Physical Dimensions (Standard Configuration)
7134 ACU

    Dimensions (in.)


5.25H 19W 19D (3 EIA Rack Units)

14 lbs.
7150 Drive Cabinet

    Dimensions (in.)


36H 30W 10D (54H total with legs)

Varies, 100-150 lbs avg.
Rack-mounted Equipment



0 to 50˚ C

90% Noncondensing
Outside Equipment




-40 to 50˚ C

(Low temp. package necessary below -10˚C)

100% Condensing

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