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Paradise Datacom Vision Series PD80 IF DVB-S2 Satellite Modem

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  • DVB-S/S2/DSNG to 40 MSPS
  • CCM and VCM Support
  • 950-1950 MHz in 100 Hz steps
  • Gig-E and Quad ASI interfaces


Common Main Specifications
Modulation SchemeQPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM, 16APSK
IF Frequency Range50 - 90MHz & 100 - 180MHz
IF Frequency Resolution

Traffic Interface - OptionsIP Traffic card 10/100/1000 BaseT on RJ45

Quad ASI on 50 ohm BNC female
User Traffic Data RateTo 80Mbps, maximum symbol rate of 40Msymbols/s
User Traffic Data Rate Resolution1bps
Note: The combination of FEC Rate, Modulation scheme and Satellite Overhead limits the Traffic Data Rate Range in all modes.
IF Connector TypeBNC female
L-Band Impedance50O & 75Ω
Return Loss18dB typical
Internal Frequency

Reference - Ageing
External ReferenceClocking Only: 1-10MHz in 1kHz steps.

Clocking and RF Frequency: 10MHz, 0dBm±1dB
Modulator Specifications
Output Power Level0 to –25dBm Continuously Variable in 0.1dB steps
Output Level Stability±0.5dB, 0ºC to 40ºC
Transmit Filtering

DVB-S2 and Intelsat IESS compliant

α = 0.35 | α = 0.25 | α = 0.20
Occupied Bandwidth1.2 x SR | 1.13 x SR | 1.1 x SR

Channel Spacing
1.4 x SR | 1.27 x SR | 1.2 x SR
Phase Accuracy±2º maximum
Amplitude Accuracy±0.2dB maximum
Carrier Suppression-30dBc minimum
Output Phase NoiseAs IESS-308, nominally 3dB better.
Output Frequency Stability<1ppm/yr
HarmonicsBetter than –55dBc/ 4kHz in band
SpuriousBetter than -55dBc/ 4kHz in band
Transmit On/Off

55dB minimum
External Transmit InhibitBy external contact closure or by TTL signal applied to rear panel alarms & AGC connector
Demodulator Specifications
Input RangeMinimum level -130dBm + 10 log symbol rate range 50dB above min, limited to 0dBm max
Maximum Composite SignalNo more than 20dB above the level of the desired input signal up to a maximum of –10dBm
Frequency Acquisition RangeSelectable from ±1kHz to ±32kHz up to 10 Msps (1kHz steps)

±10kHz to ±250kHz above 10Msps (10kHz steps)
Acquisition Threshold<5dB Es/No QPSK
Acquisition TimeAt 9.6kbps, less than 1s at 6dB Es/No QPSK

At 10 Mbps, less than 100ms at 6dB Es/

Clock Tracking Range±100ppm minimum
Receive Filtering SelectableDVB-S2 and Intelsat IESS compliant

a = 0.35, a = 0.25, a = 0.20
Performance MonitoringMeasured Eb/No (range 0-15dB, ±0.2dB).

Measured Frequency Offset (100Hz resolution).

Wanted signal level strength indicator centred on the middle of the Rx Input range.
AGC OutputBuffered direct AGC output for antenna tracking, etc.

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