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Newtec Universal Redundancy Switch

UPC CODE: US0202/USS0203
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USS0202 / USS0203 Universal Redundancy Switch


The USS0202 Universal Redundancy Switch is a state-of-the-art product designed to provide a cost effective and scalable 1+1 and N+1 protection scheme for a wide variety of equipment such as modulators, demodulators, modems and converters.


The USS0202 set of advanced features allows optimizing the switching time and implementing efficient protection schemes. The USS0202 meets simple and complex demanding protection requirements by operating and controlling up to 36 switching modules embedded in the main unit, or, for complex configurations, in up to seven USS0203 extension units.


Grouping of subgroups of devices and switches allows 1 USS system to monitor and configure several independent redundancy setups thereby allowing a compact solution for covering redundancy needs of a complex setup. Switching can be done automatically through alarm contacts, manually through the front panel, a dedicated webGUI, or remotely via a monitoring and control system. When the automatic mode is activated, the USS0202 monitors continuously the protected devices. In case of alarm on one of those, the USS0202 triggers a redundancy switch towards the spare device, according to rules defined by the set of parameters governing the switching operation.


The USS0202 is easy to install, configure, control and operate. Its SNMP interface allows simple integration into NMS systems. The USS0202 also allows defining a large set of switching behaviours through the use of a limited set of parameters.


The USS0202 provides a wide range of switching capabilities for almost any input and output signals used in satellite communications. The range of switchable signals include ASI or IP, as well as IF, L-band or RF band signals.


Features of the USS0202

  • -Switchable signals: ASI, IP, IF, L-band and RF-band
  • -Logical GbE Switching for interfacing with IP ModemsIP modems
  • -User-configurable switching logic
  • -Standalone operation or easily integrated
  • into NMS systems via SNMP GUI with synoptic viewGUI with synoptic view
  • -Front panel interface for monitoring and manual operation
  • -Automatic or manual operational mode
  • -Automatic Switch Back
  • -Main & Extension Unit for supporting up to 36 switching modules
  • -Scalable from 1+1 to 16+1 redundancy configurations
  • -Dual redundant power supply with monitoring
  • -Fully integrated with Newtec equipment for easing operations
  • -Copy the full configuration from a device or exclude some parameters at your choice
  • -Support of third-party devices via alarm contact monitoring
  • -Ability to protect independent groups of devices
  • -Easy operation & flexible deployment and device hot replacement


*See datasheet below for full product specifications.


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