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Newtec Elevation Series EL860 ACM Controller, Shaper and Encapsulator

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  • Out-of-the-box solution
  • Three shaping hierarchy levels
  • Adaptive traffic shaping
  • Truly automated ACM


System Architecture
  • Real time adaptive traffic shaper
  • Operates in stand-alone or in combination with the EL840 PEP-Box® Server
  • Functions as router (OSI layer 3) or bridge (OSI layer 2) via network
  • Acting as ACM controller for remote demodulators
  • Acting as IP/DVB-S2 encapsulator for hub site modulator
  • Linux OS based
  • Built-in CPU watchdog and RAM-usage monitoring
Physical / Hardware
  • 1RU, width: 19’’, depth: 60 cm, weight: 20 kg
  • Rack mountable, rack mount kit included
  • Intel Xeon server class CPU
  • 80 GByte hard disk drive (for OS and accounting data), 2nd disk drive for RAID-1 (optional)
  • DVD-ROM (for software updates)
  • Power supply: 100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 315 W
  • Operational temperature: 10 - 35 °C
  • Operation humidity: 20 - 90 %, non-condensing
  • CE label
Monitoring Only
  • 2 x PS/2 for keyboard/mouse
  • 2 x USB for keyboard/mouse
  • 1 x VGA
  • 2 x LAN: auto switching 10/100/1’000 Base-T Ethernet interface, RJ-45
  • 1 x additional LAN (optional)
  • SSH Access
  • Web based GUI for real-time monitoring
  • Logging with automatic log rotation
  • Supports e-mail based error notifications
Control Interfaces
  • Interface to EL840 PEP-Box® Server for back pressing TCP streams and classification of encrypted traffic
  • Interface to Elevation family modulators for back-pressing data to prevent queue overflows
  • Interface to Elevation family modulators for DVB-S2 modulation/coding selection
  • Interface to Elevation family modulators for Base-Band Frame encapsulation
  • Interface to Elevation family demodulators for obtaining Noise and Distortion measurement (NoDE) results
  • Open IP based interface for the interaction with 3rd party DVB-S2 ACM controllers
  • Accounting of outgoing traffic
  • Granularity down to on a per-rule basis
  • Supports accounting per user, groups of users and groups of user groups
  • Accounting information: bytes transmitted (CIR, MIR), bytes dropped, packets transmitted, packets dropped, min/max/average queue time, etc.
  • Output available as comma separated value (CSV) files
  • Automated accounting file rotation
Traffic Policing
  • Real-time adaptable traffic policy changes without service interruption and without packet dropping
  • Three-tier rule support, e.g. users, groups of users and groups of user groups
  • Supports Peak Information Rate (PIR) policies
  • Supports Committed Information Rate (CIR) policies
  • Bandwidth is distributed equally or according to a configured weighting factor
  • Shaping IPv4 unicast and multicast traffic
  • Up to ten configurable traffic priority classes
  • Supports IP ToS (Type of Service) transparency and IP ToS injection
  • Classification and shaping of accelerated and encrypted ETCP traffic, e.g. when using an EL840 PEP-Box® Server for traffic acceleration, compression and encryption
Traffic Classification
  • Source and/or destination IP address, IP address range or IP subnet
  • Protocol type (TCP, UDP, ICMP, RTP, ESP, AH, GRE, ETCP)
  • Source/destination port or port range (TCP or UDP)
  • IPv4 ToS values
DVB-S2 IP Encapsulation
  • Based on DVB-S2 Base-Band Frame encapsulation
  • Supported encapsulation protocols: MPE, ULE and XPE
  • Supports all 28 modulation codes (from QPSK to 32 APSK) defined in ETSI EN 302 307
  • Supports DVB-S2 CCM, VCM and ACM modes
  • Supported roll-off factors: 0.2, 0.25, 0.35
  • Supports pilots on and off
  • Supports short and long frames vices

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