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Newtec Dialog 1IF HUB

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Dialog Hub


The Dialog hub series can be configured to match the size and satellite network configuration for any customer application; a vast choice is available in terms of satellite bands, transmission speed, power, modulation and amount of forward and return links. The hub scales easily and cost-effectively from small (few terminals) to large networks (hundreds of thousands of terminals) and from single coverage area to multiple coverage areas on any frequency band. The Dialog hubs provide flexibility to easily add high-capacity multicarrier demodulators which support SCPC, MF-TDMA and our patented Mx-DMA return link technologies.


It can serve one or multiple satellites, including high-throughput spot beam configurations. The hubs can be deployed remotely in different teleports while being managed centrally via a single Dialog Network Management System (NMS).


Three types of hubs are available. The 1IF Hub for small scale, dedicated networks, the 4IF Hub for small gateway deployments and the XIF Hub for large gateway deployments.


·         Fastest returns in shared bandwidth networks, achieving up to 200 Mbps on return link on MDM5010s

·         Use of efficient DVB-S2X and Mx-DMA technologies resulting in 600 Mbps aggregate throughput per modem

·         More TCP sessions and embedded acceleration for Quality of Experience (QoE)

·         Low jitter for real-time applications



·         Full range of MODCODs for different link conditions to now include VL-SNR

·         Enhanced ACM algorithm to optimize user experience



·         L2oS optimization for ease of network expansion

·         Better browsing user experience with L2 TCP acceleration for 1000s of broadband sites



Features of the HUB6501- 1IF


The HUB6501- 1IF Hub -is designed to specifically address small and dedicated networks. It can support a single satellite network, up to 250 terminals and up to 300 Mbps of traffic processing, including QoS and congestion management, acceleration, compression and encryption. The hub easily integrates with the ‘IP backbone’ router and the RF gateway up/downlink.


·         Multiservice hub platform

·         Small networks

·         Supports DVB-S2/DVB-S2X ACM with Modulation from QPSK to 256APSK

·         Support for SCPC, MF-TDMA and Mx-DMA return links

·         Modem Hardware: M6100 Modulator, MCD7000 Multicarrier Demodulator, MCD7500 Multicarrier Demodulator

·         One satellite network, up to 250 terminals

·         Up to 300 Mbps of satellite capacity

·         Includes all traffic processing functionality

·         Optional redundancy can provide better than 99.99% availability

·         Including all traffic processing, like Quality of Service (QoS) and congestion management, acceleration, compression, and encryption

·         4IF Hub and XIF Hub options available for larger networks


*See datasheet below for full product specifications.

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