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Comtech H-Pico Heights Remote Gateway

Manufacturer: Comtech EF Data

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Comtech H-Pico Heights Remote Gateway


The Heights™ Networking Platform is engineered to elevate your services with unparalleled horsepower, efficiency and intelligence. The Heights platform was designed with the service provider and its multiuser environments in mind, from concept to operation.

Heights combines our most efficient waveforms, header compression, WAN optimization, proven dynamic bandwidth and power management along with bi-directional ACM capability to provide the highest user throughput, highest availability, and most optimal resource utilization available in the industry.

Heights meets the demands of those operating on traditional wide beams while providing distinct advantages for those with High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in their future. Heights is HTS ready, allowing service providers to leverage the significant increases in performance these new designs will offer for inbound links.

Purpose-built to unleash the potential of these tight spot beams, Heights remote gateways provide the strongest processing performance, maximizing user IP bits per Hz while realizing significant gains in user IP bits per Amplifier (BUC) Watt.

The H-Pico Heights Remote Gateway supports multiple remote to hub throughput tiers up to 10 Mbps, which is managed via a centralized licensing capability. This scheme allows users to standardize on a single remote platform for low to medium capacity sites, simplifying stocking and sparing. Additionally, H-Pico supports inbound hub to remote symbol rates up to 500 Msps with standards based DVB-S2X MODCODs supporting up to 256APSK.

Heights Dynamic Network Access (H-DNA)

H-DNA is an evolutionary dynamic network access technology designed for Heights return links that:

• Rapidly adapts to changing environments

• Delivers superior efficiency & Quality of Experience (QoE)

• Instantly assigns capacity based on network-wide demand

• Intelligently utilizes total network bandwidth at all times

H-DNA is designed to provide network wide fast switching on a sub-second interval making the process seamless and transparent to end users for real-time as well as non real-time applications. H-DNA leverages Comtech’s high performance VersaFEC-2 waveforms with ACM, dynamic power control, high performance packet processing, network wide multi-tier QoS and IP optimization technology to enable unprecedented bandwidth efficiency and superior QoE. H-DNA fast switching and bandwidth allocation mechanism allows a Heights network to respond rapidly to changing traffic and link conditions while maintaining lowest latency and jitter for superior QoE and maximum bandwidth utilization efficiency.

H-DNA is fast, flexible and uncompromising, delivering unprecedented benefits to users and service providers alike.

Compelling Remote Horsepower

H-Pico incorporates a quad-core processor enabling high efficiency and throughput with multi-layer optimization. The increased EIRP and G/T performance of new HTS spacecraft allows for significantly higher throughput. However, this increased throughput cannot be met if the underlying packet processing is not able to keep up with the increased traffic flow. The H-Pico can support demanding user applications in a HTS environment enabling service providers to take full advantage of the potential of these new HTS designs and grow service levels as end users’ demands grow.

Seamless Bridge Point-to-Multipoint (BPM)

The Heights Networking Platform supports BPM for true layer 2 operation enabling seamless integration with service provider networks.

A Heights network operating in BPM mode can be viewed as an Ethernet switch supporting VLAN and MPLS while benefiting from bidirectional IP optimization, network wide multi-tier QoS, ACM, and dynamic bandwidth management. H-Pico includes extensive VLAN support including VLAN Access mode, trunk mode, and QinQ. H-Pico supports traffic classification and QoS by VLAN ID as well as MPLS Traffic Class Field (formerly referred to as EXP bits).

Please see datasheet below for complete product specifications.

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