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Comtech EF Data CRS-280/CRS-280L IF Switch

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  • Slave switch for CRS-300
  • For multiple transponder operations
  • Operating Frequency 50 to 180 MHz
  • Connector Type Tx/Rx BNC or TNC


Switching Type1:N, maximum N = 10
Number of Uplink/Downlink Channels10 maximum for CRS-300

8 maximum for SMS-7000
Tx/Rx Operating Frequency950 to 1950 MHz
Tx/Rx Impedance50 Ohm
Tx/Rx ConnectorsN-Type female (50 Ohm)
Tx Return Loss,15dB at 50 Ohm
Tx to Tx Channel Isolation>70 db
Rx to Rx Channel Isolation>70 dB
Tx to Rx Channel Isolation>90 dB
Transmit IF Loss/Flatness

    Tx In To Tx Uplink Out

    BU In To Any Uplink Out

< 0.8 dB/0.5 dB over operating frequency

< 2.5 dB/1.0 dB over operating frequency
Receive IF Loss/Flatness

    Rx Downlink In To Rx Out

    Any Downlink In To BU Out

< 4.0 dB/0.5 dB over operating frequency

< 5.5 dB/1.0 dB over operating frequency
Rx Return Loss15 dB into 50 Ohm
Power Loss FailsafeAll uplinks/downlinks revert to associated L-band inputs/outputs
Control Interface

    CRS-xxx Type Switches

    SMS-xxxx Type Switches

25 pin sub-D female

15 pin sub-D female
Prime Power, AC100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, 40W maximum
Size19W x 14D x 7H inch (4 RU)

(48.2 cm x 35.6 cm x 17.8 cm)
Weight< 25 lbs. (11.4 kg)



0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

-40° to +70°C (-40° to +158°F)
Humidity: Operational< 95%, non-condensing at 50°C
Number Of Duplex Channels





8, SMS-7000

10, CRS-300
Switch/Modem Cable Sets1:4 through 1:10

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