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CPI SAT 1385 Series 3.8M C-Band Linear Antenna System

SKU GDST-1385-3420
UPC CODE: 1385-3420
Manufacturer: CPI SAT

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CPI SAT 1385 Series 3.8M C-Band Linear Antenna System

The CPI SAT 1385 series antenna sits in a class of its own as one of the largest VSAT antenna available on the market. This antenna is ideally suited for hubs, gateways, high throughput data and video uplinks and is a staff favorite at Satcom Resources. The four-piece SMC reflector is precision manufactured for high-efficiency C-Band operation. The Az/El cap comes fully assembled and features fine azimuth and elevation adjustments to dial in and optimize your satellite signal. The Az/El mount is constructed from heavy gauge, pre-galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance. An C-Band linear cross pol Rx/Tx feed comes standard with the Series 1385 Antenna.

The 1385 features a four-piece reflector that reduces size and packaging to economize shipping. The reflector petals are designed to be “self-aligning” in the field and require no special tools. The 1385 is a very stout antenna system with a very robust reflector and feed support. For RF integration, this antenna system can support up to 20 lbs. directly on the feed or up to 80 lbs. on the center boom with the addition of the feed stabilizer support arm which makes it ideal for higher power transmit applications. The feed mount bracket allows for feed rotation to set your required polarity and the feed collar can be tightened down to lock the feed position in place.

The team at Satcom Resources has worked with CPI SAT antenna’s for over 20 years dating back to the Prodelin days. Our technical staff is available to assist you with any CPI SAT Antenna requirements including antenna selection, sizing and integration with antenna mounts, BUC’s, LNB’s, waveguide. cabling and modems. We specialize in providing complete VSAT systems and can typically ship a complete terminal in 24-48 hours.

Please contact us for assistance with any CPI SAT VSAT antenna for your next project.

Product Description:
- Antenna Size: 3.8M

- Antenna Optics: Prime Focus, Offset Feed, Four-piece reflector

- Reflector Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC

- Mount Type: Elevation over Azimuth

- Mast Pipe Size: 10” SCH 40 Pipe (10.75” OD) 27.3 cm.

- Tx Operating Frequency: 5.845 - 6.425 GHz
- Rx Operating Frequency: 3.625 - 4.20 GHz
- Polarization: Linear Cross Pol
- Feed Interface: WR137 Waveguide Flange

- OMT/TRF, Tier 2 Feed Support

Satcom Staff Notes:

-Typical application: TDMA, SCPC, VSAT, Video

-Antenna assembly hardware: included

-Installation level of difficulty: medium

-Assembly time: 2-3 person, 2-4 hours

-Tools required: torque wrench, large pipe wrench, breaker bar, step ladders

Installation notes: This is a very large antenna that requires 2-3 people to install. It’s helpful to have two 6-8’ step ladders to lift and assemble the reflector petals. We find the fastest and easiest assembly method is to start with the Az/El cap on the pedestal and build the antenna from rear to front. The reflector support frame can be set in a horizontal position (aka. bird bath) to carry the weight of the reflector petals during alignment and assembly. Each 1385 is reflector and reflector support are pre-fitted at the factory and delivered as a matching set that provides the precision alignment feature. Take careful note of the numbered reflector quadrants and their target position on the frame during installation. Be sure to reference the installation manual for bolt torque recommendations

The 1385 features at Tier 2 feed that can support up to 20 lbs. of weight on the feed for BUC and LNB direct feed mounting or up to 80 lbs. on the center boom with the addition of the feed stabilizer support arm. For boom mounted RF/BUC’s a longer piece of flex waveguide is required, call us for proper sizing.


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