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  • Belcom mBLC-8 8 Watt Standard C-Band BUC

Belcom mBLC-8 8 Watt Standard C-Band BUC

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  • Low Power Consumption
  • Small size and weight
  • Two-year warranty
  • 8W Power Output@ P1dB


Input impedance 75Ω (50Ω optional)
Input VSWR 2:1
Input freq. 950-1525MHz
Output freq. 5.85-6.425GHz
L.O freq. 4.900GHz
Output power (at 1 dB GC) 8W / 39 dBm
Gain (Nominal) 60 dB
Gain Flatness

    Over any 1 MHz band

    Over any 36 MHz band (25°C)

    Over full band

±0.2 dB max

±0.6 dB max

±2.0 dB max
Gain Stability over temp. (at constant freq.) 4 dB max
Ref. signal - External 10MHz -3dBm to +7dBm
Spectrum sense Non Inverting (Inverting-Option)
Total Frequency Accuracy Controlled by Reference
Phase noise

    @ 1 kHz offset

    @ 10 kHz offset

    @ 100 kHz offset

75 dBc/Hz

81 dBc/Hz

95 dBc/Hz
Leakage and Spurious Signals (Up to 1dB comp. )



    In Rx Band

    Wideband noise in Rx Band

    3rd Order intercept point (IP3)

55 dBc max, -60dBc typ.

-20 dBm max

-140 dBm/4KHz max

-160 dBm/Hz max

P1dB+ 7 dB min
Stability The unit will not oscillate under any condition of load, temperature or DC supply.
Protection -Thermal runaway protection

-No damage for any combination of load reflections

-DC supply spikes protection

-Missing 10MHz Ref. shuts transmitter to -60dBc min
Power supply voltage (at the input of the BUC) +15 to +24V DC
IF + DC + reference input. F type (f) (N type optional)
RF output CPR137 Grooved
Weight 2.1 Kg (8W)
Finish White polyurethane paint
Operating Temperature -40°C to +55°C
Sealing Moisture sealing by O-ring

Vibration 5-350Hz 0.0015g2/Hz

350-500Hz -6dB/oct

500Hz 0.00074g2/Hz
Shock 10g @ 10m s(half sine)

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