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Avcom MSNG-2500C 2 Type N Connector Small Form Factor

Manufacturer: AVCOM of Virginia

Please contact sales for availability at sales@satcomresources.com or 866-SATCOM-1

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Avcom MSNG Spectrum Analyzer

Mini SNG

The trends in electronic news gathering are constantly changing. The trucks used in this industry are changing as well. Today’s SNG/ENG environment calls for faster, lighter, and less expensive vehicles to perform satellite operations. Traditional full size vans, Sprinters, and other large trucks are now being replaced with SUVs, minivans, and even small hybrid station wagons! This puts additional pressure on the engineer to be able to utilize all the gear needed to effectively do the job. This means the equipment must be updated and modified as well to meet the demands of today’s field engineers. AVCOM’s MSNG Series does just that. The MSNG performs all the same tasks as its predecessor, the industry standard SNG, but at a size that’s over 60% shorter! The MSNG can be ordered with one or two inputs and LNB power as an option if needed.


Improved Performance & Specifications

The MSNG is designed for the measurement of communications and broadcast carriers, making uplink, downlink, L-band carriers, IF, and 10MHz reference signals easy to monitor and measure. The MSNG provides excellent fre- quency and amplitude accuracy along with RBW selection from 10kHz to 1MHz. This is required to allow viewing and monitoring of small Telemetry, Tracking, Command Systems (TT&C), and data carriers found in many satellite communications markets today. The front panel can control Frequency & Span with settings for Fine, Medium, and Coarse to allow the operator to dial into the carrier and control the display as needed. The use of persistence, averaging, or waterfall tools allow periodic signals like TDMA or noisy carriers to be more easily detected.


Versatile Remote Control Software

The MSNG can be monitored and controlled both locally from the front panel and remotely using the Avcom Remote Control Software via serial port or Ethernet. The Remote Control Software has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use with no special training required. It allows remote monitoring and control from your network or over the internet. Features include screen shot capture record- ing, SNMP for alarm/monitoring, cross-polling, markers, and Automated Data Acquisition (DAQ) with tolerance comparison, and integrated email alerts to name a few. Up to twelve windows can be displayed at one time. The Remote Control Software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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