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Applied Instruments XR-3 Satellite Signal Level Meter

Manufacturer: Applied Instruments, Inc.
Featured Description: See Datasheet for full specs.
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Applied Instruments XR-3 Satellite Signal Level Meter

For more than 20 years installers have counted on Applied Instruments’ popular meters: MDU, SAT 9520, Sat Buddy, Super Buddy, AI Turbo S2 and the VSAT 7850. The legacy continues as the new XR-3 meter raises the bar even higher.

Rugged, Adaptable, Economically Efficient

The Applied Instruments XR-3 Satellite Meter is a revolutionary test instrument platform. The base unit is a rugged chassis, display, and portable power supply that accepts easily swappable modules for test signal measurement purposes. The XR-3 is economically efficient because it allows you to choose only the test modules that your application requires. In the future as your testing needs change, you’ll need only a new module, not an entire instrument. Test modules that “slide and click” into the XR-3 available now include DBS satellite, VSAT satellite, and cable TV / off-air broadcast. Other modules will follow. The XR-3 platform is ideal for installers and private cable operators that demand fast, easy signal measurements today and in the future.

The XR-3 is well suited for VSAT / Mobile Satcom, Military/Defense, Broadcasters, CATV Headend Satellite Antenna Farms, Teleports, and non-North American DBS / DTH (single and multidwelling) applications.

Applied Instruments XR-3 Satellite Signal Level Meter Features

  • Compatible with XR-3 Modular Test Instrument
  • Friendly user interface
  • Satellite ID by "align-to-lock" or "automatic scan“
  • ID multi-lock algorithm eliminates false positives
  • Powers LNBs and multi-switches
  • Use for L, C, X, Ku, or Ka band applications
  • High sensitivity assures alignment optimization
  • Geo-sensitive "Field Guide" software database stores all compatible satellites and transponders per global region
  • Program and store up to 256 custom transponders
  • Controls multi-LNBs/switches with 22kHz DiSEqC tone
  • Manually tune to custom transponders using front panel keypad
  • Audible tone for signal lock or peak
  • Store measurements for Proof-of-performance reporting
  • "Limit Scan" Pass/Fail for key transponders
  • Displays antenna settings (AZ / EL / Skew) based on user's postal code or latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Field replaceable type F barrel connectors
  • Fast system boot-up time in less than 5 seconds


  • Demodulates DVB-S, DSS / DIRECTV Legacy, & DVB-S2 (CCM, ACM, & VCM) signals
  • Signal Level (dBm, dBmV, or dBμV) with present and peak bar graph
  • Signal Quality (IRD, C/N, Eb/No, or Es/No)
  • Pre-FEC & Post-FEC BER (Bit Error Rate)
  • PER (Packet Error Rate)
  • Voltage output of IRD
  • Current draw of LNB
  • LNB frequency deviation (LNB LO drift estimate)
  • Symbol Rate error
  • Spectrum Screen (frequency on x-axis, amplitude on y-axis)
  • Constellation Screen (I and Q demodulator values)

Standard Accessories

  • Shoulder strap
  • Cordura protective flap
  • Universal AC switching power supply with line cord (100 VAC to 240 VAC Transformer)
  • Automobile cigarette-lighter adapter battery charge cord (12V DC)
  • PC data transfer cable (USB)
  • Quick Start Guide

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