Integrated Receiver Decoders

5 Products

Harmonic ProView 7100 IRD, Transcoder and Stream Processor

  • Single/dual-channel decoder in 1 RU
  • Four stereo pairs of audio decoding
  • Four independent ASI outputs
  • Four IP outputs with 1+1 redundancy support

Ericsson RX8200 Premium Satellite IRD Configuration Pack

  • IP Transport Stream Output
  • 8PSK License Key
  • 2x Balanced Audio Option
  • AAC Decode License


Ericsson RX8200 IRD Events Satellite Configuration Pack

  • IP Transport Stream Output
  • 3 Gbps HD and SD Video and ASI Output
  • Low Latency Decode
  • High speed IP Data output


Ericsson RX8200 Basic IP IRD Configuration Pack

  • 100/1000BaseT Input
  • Balanced Audio Option
  • HD Output Card
  • AAC Decode License


ATEME Kyrion™ DR5000 Integrated Receiver Decoder

  • Very Low Latency Mode
  • IP output forwarding
  • 3 SDI and 2 ASI outputs
  • 4 RF, 2 ASI, 2 IP inputs