Antenna Controllers

5 Products

Radeus Labs Model 8200 Antenna Control System

  • Easy simple intuitive operation
  • SNMP Management
  • Next Generation Controller
  • New Market Entrant

ORBIT AL-4100 Outdoor Antenna Control Unit (ACU)

  • Highly modular design
  • Fully electronic non-volatile memory
  • Variety of tracking modes for GEO, MEO, LEO satellites
  • Direct GPS interface capability

ORBIT AL-4000 Dual Processor Antenna Controller

  • Dual-CPU for real-time data acquisition
  • 15-inch touch-screen LCD color display
  • IP interface to local or remote control
  • Dynamic stabilization mode for marine platfoms

GD Satcom 950 Antenna Control System

  • Informative display with full text color readouts
  • Easy touch screen operation
  • Supervisory Control Link (Ethernet; TCP/IP or RS-232/422)
  • Stable or inclined GEO targets
  • Single, Dual, or Multi-speed antenna motor drives

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies Model 7134 Antenna Control System

  • Real-time position readout
  • Multiple control modes
  • User friendly edit mode
  • Internal self-diagnostics